Echinacea rosemary soap/herb echinacea pollen

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Easy to oily skin, balance oil secretion, deep cleansing and dirt


Echinacea rosemary soap/herb echinacea pollen


The care of oily skin, the focus is on moisturizing. The reason why the skin will produce oil is that when the moisture of the skin is not enough, it will automatically secrete oil to protect the body's moisture, so moisturizing is the key to oil control. The sesame oil with excellent moisturizing effect contains natural antioxidant vitamin E and natural sesamin, and grape seed oil which helps to absorb vitamin E increases the moisturizing effect of the skin. The natural herbal echinacea powder is added into the soap, and the echinacea powder can balance the fat. Secreted and deeply cleaned with dirt and pores. Ingredients: Rosemary EV cold pressed olive oil soaked oil, hazelnut oil, palm oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, grape seed oil, NaOH Essential Oils: Rosemary, Cedar, Lemon Essential Oil Additives: French Greenstone Mud, Echinacea "Weight": 110g+-10 "Use": washing, bathing Applicable Skin Type: Oily Skin / Sensitive Skin ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ ▪ The whole process is made with natural vegetable oil by cold method, avoiding the damage of nutrients in the oil itself, and the soaping period of 45 to 60 days, the ph value can be used, and it can be used after ripening. ▪ ️ no added petrochemical surfactants, preservatives, fixatives, etc. ▪ Use natural essential oils without artificial flavors....Reject environmental hormones ▪ The color of the hand-made enamel itself is the color produced by using natural mineral powder or flower soaking oil. Fading is normal without adding artificial colors ▪ Emu oil + NaOH + water = 皀 + glycerol. In the process of making handmade soap, a colorless, odorless, clear liquid is glycerin. Glycerin has excellent hydrophilicity and moisturizing properties to help keep your skin hydrated. ▪ The original intention is to use natural, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly materials. After being used, the soap is naturally decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, and does not pollute aquatic organisms and the environment. "Precautions" ☑️Everyone has different skin conditions and different skin sensitivity. It is recommended to use it locally for facial and body skin without discomfort. ☑️Taiwan has a humid climate. It is recommended to put unopened handmade soap in a cool dry place to avoid deterioration. 建议 It is recommended to keep the soap body itself dry during the process of using handmade soap, avoiding the soft smashing caused by soaking in water for a long time. ☑️ For health reasons, we use natural essential oils without adding artificial flavors. Natural essential oils will gradually fade as the soap stays in contact with the air for a natural phenomenon. So our soap does not have a strong flavor! ☑️Handmade soap cleaning products ************************ Handmade soap is a daily necessities in life, but it can bring many good things in life. The use of handmade soaps also reduces the damage to the skin by adding no chemical surfactants, so that the skin's ability to restore self-healing restores the essence of healthy skin. The use of handmade soap into the environment can be naturally decomposed within 24 hours, without causing damage to the land we live in, without polluting aquatic organisms and the environment. The use of handmade soap to reduce the packaging of plastic bottles, more than 8 million tons of plastic waste into the sea every year threatens the marine ecology and environment. A small habit of living has caused great harm to the environment~ Change lifestyle habits, reduce life from the small things in life~


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