Test tube tea-cooked rhyme melon + heavy roasted rhyme + fenzhu pearl dew set of 3

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(Green) Lightly roasted Tieguanyin, with a hearty sweet potato aroma in the front taste, a ripe fruity rhyme in the middle taste, and an elegant floral aroma in the tail rhyme. (Yellow) The heavily roasted port tea comes from the "Hengchun Peninsula" in the southern country. The local mountain winds make the tea carry a mineral flavor. (Red) Pearl


5.5g x 3


Test tube tea-cooked rhyme melon + heavy roasted rhyme + fenzhu pearl dew set of 3


(Green) Tieguanyin comes from Aowanda, which is different from the market. This fragrance-type Tieguanyin made with "light roasting" is closer to the essence of its sweet and sweet tea soup. The aroma of the sweetheart sweet potato first rushed into the nose, slightly sour and sweet in the middle, and the final rhyme of the array was transformed into a light floral fragrance, with delicate and interesting changes. (Yellow) Port tea comes from the "Hengchun Peninsula" in the south of the country. It absorbs the sea salt ingredients brought by the local mountain wind, and coupled with the heavy roasting method, the tea soup has a mustard color and can show rich mineral flavor. (Red) Alishan Pearl Dew is produced from a tea production class in the Shijie tea area of Alishan. The light roasting method maintains the purity of the mountain. After the entrance, the sweetness overflows first, and the palate is lightly pressed. The elegant orchid charm then slides over the cheeks, and it stretches a sense of intimacy and familiarity next to it. [Turtle time hot punch method] 1. Warm pot: Pour hot water into a clay pot / other pot to help the teapot simply warm up and pour out the water after 30 seconds. 2. Dried incense: take an appropriate amount of tea and put it into the pot (about close to the bottom of the pot, about 7 grams per person, can be adjusted according to personal preference). You can get close to the container and enjoy the healing sensation of hot tea evaporating the aroma of tea leaves. 3.Warm Run Foam: Oolong tea models have tighter spherical leaves. Pour hot water at 95 to 100 degrees Celsius into the pot, gently infiltrate, and pour the water out in about 4-5 seconds. This will loosen the leaf ball and help subsequent tea leaves. Stretch and release tea soup more easily. 4. Drinking and brewing: Pour hot water and cover the tea lid and let stand for about 2 minutes (soak Tieguanyin for 3 minutes), then you can pour it into the public cup. It is recommended that you can collect 2 to 3 rounds of tea soup in the public cup, and combine the rounds of tea. Enjoy the advantages together. 5. Back flushing time, each brewing time can be increased by 15 ~ 30 seconds. * 4 to 5 times (3 to 4 times Tieguanyin) can be punched from the warm run. The leaf body is a spherical alpine oolong. It is recommended to use a clay pot, which has relatively slow heat dissipation and better thermal insulation. The pot provides an easy space for stretching. [Office workers simply bubble] 1. Spread the tea leaves on the bottom of the tea net. 2. Hang the tea net on the mug. 3. Move to the tea room, while gossiping with colleagues, carefully pour about 350cc of boiling water from 90 to 95. 4. Let it stand for 4 minutes (Tieguanyin rest for 5 minutes), the leaves are slightly expanded, and the brown color is brown (Tieguanyin brown orange). Take the tea net and drink. For the next brew, add 1 minute each time, you can brew 2-3 times. [Sleep cold sleep method] 1. According to 500cc of water, 5 grams of tea leaves, put the tea leaves into the water bottle. 2. Put it in the refrigerator and let it stand overnight (about 8-10 hours). After getting up in the morning to filter out the tea (to avoid bitterness), you can enjoy it easily.


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