Piggy Tooth Fixer + Customized Nipple Chain

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Brazilian illustrator Tiago Americo has devoted himself to illustration creation and visual design since 2010, and is good at designing children's characters. The creative style is lively and warm, with a little retro childishness, matched with bright and rich colors, and fully implements children's aesthetics in the work.


Piggy Tooth Fixer + Customized Nipple Chain


Pink and blue physical consignment counters Hsinchu Dalu Pavilion 1F, Banqiao Global 2F **Features of pacifier chain** 1.**Visual**-colorful colors stimulate the visual senses 2.**Tactile**-Three-dimensional beads can stimulate the sense of touch 3.**Double-core rope**-Improve toughness 4.**Color customization**-whatever you want 5.**Name Customization**-Baby Exclusive https://youtu.be/spuquFlW-2U The pacifier chains are all customized handmade products, and the chains have a variety of bead colors to choose from. Private messages are welcome, thank you. Customization method: *You need to place an order first, because the pacifier chain will be made according to the order time priority. I am afraid that you will wait too long to receive the product photos we made. You can also modify the product after placing the order! 1. Tell if there is any requirement for English letters. (All in capitals, and the number of colored beads will vary according to the length of the English name. You can also ask us for reference pictures in private) 2. The color required for special-shaped beads (star/shell/helicopter/love). 3. For the color/shape/size of the nipple chain beads, we will send you a photo in private message. (We can also help you match colors, just tell us the colors you like!) 4. We will take a private message to you for confirmation, and we will ship it only after confirmation. (Up to three revisions, if additional revisions are needed, 50 yuan each time) **100% non-toxic food silicone**Contains US and German food safety certifications and does not contain BPA and other heavy metal harmful substances. The simple washing method is the same as the pacifier. It is used in Europe and America, so please rest assured to use it. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50896195863_0d5879c5fe_c.jpg **Product specifications and contents:** *Customized handmade nipple chain: one + one nipple clip, about 25 cm in length (manual products will have errors). The length of the customized product name is related to the number of colorful beads. *The more the name, the fewer the colorful beads *Storage bag: one **main material:** 100% food grade silicone, non-toxic and tasteless. Environmentally friendly and safe pacifier clip. **use:** Can be used as a pacifier to prevent it from falling off (but not too thick) The tooth holder can be detachably tied to the nipple/toy Nipple chain and tooth holder for baby to chew Suitable age: more than three months Manufacturing place: Taiwan **Important matters** 1. Please clean and disinfect before use (this product can be steam sterilized) 2. Use hot water to scald. Turn off the fire before putting the nipple chain into the hot water. 3. Beads/Gear Fixer-Food grade silicone temperature range -40°C to 200°C 4. Parents are requested to ensure that babies are using this product within a safe range of sight *There will be some color difference between the real object and the photo **This product is insured with 10 million product liability insurance** **The thread of the pacifier chain can be exchanged once for free-the buyer bears the round-trip shipping** The appreciation period is not a trial period. In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, this product is an exclusive product for babies and has hygiene considerations. So no trial is provided! If you receive a product that is damaged or defective, please notify our customer service staff as soon as possible, we will conduct a product defect or damage identification, and replace you with a new product as soon as possible. If you need to exchange goods, please write an email or private message FB fan group, and provide the following information: 1. Order number 2. Contact address/name/contact number, and email address 3. Reasons for return and exchange


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