Firewood Owl Essential Oil Necklace B05

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| Raise a fragrance owl that belongs to you | ■ Each hand has only one hand made essential oil necklace ■ Hollow shape, dripping oil from the eyes ■ Hand pinch owl shape, healing heart ■ No glazing, firewood has a unique and warm color ■ Let you like the f


Firewood Owl Essential Oil Necklace B05


**| Raise a fragrance owl that belongs to you |** in Taiwan, Do not raise owls, But you can have a unique firewood owl, And just feed with your favorite essential oil aroma. Achieving a visually scented state of mind <3 Owl- Blessing, wisdom, peace, and patron saint, etc. A variety of auspicious symbols are all in one, Full of aura, vitality, and blessing, Some are round and cute, some are flying high, Various gestures come from the observation of ecology, The hand is pinched into a hollow necklace that can be dripped into the essential oil. The warmth of the firewood is warmer, There are many difficulties in life. There are many happy things. Let the body and mind relax first! Let it accompany you to the aroma that surrounds you and move on. **| Unique color owl |** The work is fired without glazing. Hand pinching texture and natural falling ash, The resulting natural glaze exhibits an external texture. Different kinds of clay combined with ash melting, Let each piece of work be different, Each style is unique. Waiting for a special owner. **| Owl's body shape|** The size of the owl pendant is about NT$50. (50 yuan coin diameter: 28mm) -------------------------------------------------- ----------- **|Product Size|** . Chain length: 86cm cotton rope, adjustable length . Owl pendant size: height 2.5 x diameter about 2.3cm . Material: white clay -------------------------------------------------- ----------- **| How to raise your owl |** Choose your favorite essential oil and drop it into the essential oil chain from your eyes. Slowly dissipate in a volatilized manner, letting the slight aroma surround it. Let you and the owl instantly fill your life! **|Chai burning is unique |** As the name suggests, the firewood kiln is a traditional kiln fueled by "wood firewood". The kiln used is a traditional cross-flame cave kiln. The beauty of firewood is not only expressed in the concept of modeling, There is also a sense of simplicity and warmth. The work does not need to be glazed. It takes 70 hours to burn, Through the dance of earth, fire, and wood ash, the ever-changing beauty is produced. **|落灰|** After the firewood is burned, the minerals of the firewood itself are covered with the flowing fire, and the flowing texture of the wood and the mine is cohesive. Different soils, different temperatures, and different firewoods will produce different textures. ★ The bottom of the kiln burning works can not touch the falling ash, and the bottom unglazed texture is the normal state of firewood burning. -------------------------------------------------- ----------- **| Warm reminder|** 1. The works are all hand-kneaded, fired by wood, and the process of firing is occasionally ash-flowing. The bottom of the paste is normal. We will polish it at the sticky point, but we still see the sticky traces. Please check the photo evaluation in detail. Whether to accept. 2. When adjusting the length of the necklace, please pinch the knot to adjust, the knot is less easy to loosen. 3. Hand-made, keep the hand made simple, do not pursue 100% perfect.


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