[PICK & COLLECT] Designer S-Melting Series-Handmade Sterling Silver Smile Necklace-K Gold

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Material: 999 sterling silver / 999 sterling silver plated (package) 18k gold Origin: Taiwan designer Production: purely manual (Do not copy 100% of the same shape. Textures! Each one is different and unique.) :)



[PICK & COLLECT] Designer S-Melting Series-Handmade Sterling Silver Smile Necklace-K Gold


***There are two necklaces in the picture to indicate that they can be combined and worn! This series is all sold at a single price!*** Designer S-Melting Series For the creators of metalworking ... Welding in winter, we imagine that the musket is holding a metal like a warm candlelight and melting; in summer welding, we imagine that the musket is holding a metal like a cool ice, melting ... The 镕 style presents a melting texture, with simple and detailed designs such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, making each piece of jewelry unique. Item: Handmade sterling silver smile necklace Size: Total length approximately 39cm (including pendant 2.5cm) + 2.5cm extension chain Maintenance and cleaning: 1. The best protection for silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because the body oil can make the pure silver have a natural and warm luster. 2. After wearing, the storage should be wiped frequently (silver cloth) for maintenance. It is best to keep it sealed. Store it dry to prevent the silver from oxidizing in the air and darken the color. 3. Avoid spraying perfume directly on the surface of the jewelry, remember not to wear it in hot springs or swimming (pool or seaside). 4. Human sweat contains sulfur, ammonia, etc. The air also contains hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen monoxide and other substances will cause the surface of silver jewelry to oxidize and discolor and lose its luster ~ so some people will turn black faster because of their sweat. Acidic (not the health of older people!), Or they live near the sulfur hot spring area! 5.Sterling silver cloths are provided with silver wipes. If the texture details or the chain are not oxidized, they can be cleaned with baking soda powder. Put the silver ornament on a small bowl of aluminum foil paper and put it in baking soda hot water. You can take it out when you see the oxides washed off. Rinse it with clean water. Remember to blow the hair dryer and wipe it with a silver cloth. 6. Electroplating is a layer of precious metal (18K gold) covered on a pure silver substrate, which is worn according to personal wearing habits (such as sports sweat, wearing friction, frequent contact with detergent or perfume, etc.); or cleaning and maintenance frequency (wiping with a silver cloth) Or baking soda), this layer of precious metal will slowly thin and become lighter. Exclusive services: 1. This series of handmade products can be customized, but the shape cannot be guaranteed. The texture is 100% copied! Those who like the unique can collect it, and those who are afraid of change, please think twice before buying ~ 2. Necklaces. Bracelets can be customized to be shortened for free, or increased in price ("Contact Designer" will open a separate item for purchase). 3. The product is provided in a beautiful box. Silver cloth. Paper bag packaging and one year warranty free cleaning and maintenance in the store (No. 28-4 Chifeng Street, Datong District, Taipei City-Near MRT Shuanglian Station) 4. After wearing the gold-plated items for a long time, if you want to restore the original appearance, you can go to the store to inquire about re-plating services and costs.


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