Dogs customized inquiry area|Wool felt space ball please use this webpage to inquire the designer

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Please refer to the price of this webpage before inquiring, you can accept the message inquiry! For customization, please prepare the front, back, left, and right photo information designers to evaluate and produce. It is meticulously crafted one by one, time-consuming and labor-intensive to make, no bargaining is accepted.



Dogs customized inquiry area|Wool felt space ball please use this webpage to inquire the designer


#送礼# Wool felt key ring [This model will come with a transparent ball to protect the wool felt for longer use] *⚠️Customizers should not place bids directly, as the number of days to complete will be assessed separately. Please use messages to communicate details and an exclusive store will be set up! Thank you* ⚠️*Customization, please read the product description carefully. If you agree to place an order, you agree to the appearance of the product, thank you* [Precautions for making wool felt] Each work is a needle by needle, and the details are constantly refined over and over again Especially the high-realistic version is time-consuming and labor-intensive and requires the production of needle felt technology. All my works are made of top-quality Australian wool (high-end flocking will be used in the high-realistic series). No bargaining is accepted. *The wool felt works are all handmade. There is no guarantee that they will be exactly the same as the photos. Each one will have some slight gaps. This is the uniqueness of hand-made works. If you have any production communication, you can contact me. I am glad you like my work.* *Customized production process: 1. Prepare photos (Making the head) Please provide a photo of the front/side of the face/behind the ears (Make the whole one) Please provide a photo of the front/back/side of the face/behind the ears/tail [Photos need no color-changing zoom art processing, indoor yellow light will have high chromatic aberration, please note] 2. Communicate details and styles *Choose the version to be produced, Q version/Q version doll/high-realistic wool felt frame/high-realistic whole set (high-realistic whole set starts at 10,000 yuan) * Demand communication *Inform the size 3.*Customized valuation 👉Customized evaluation and quotation based on photos, please select the version you want to make and then quote for you. or 👉You have the budget to help you evaluate the recommended version. 👉All works use top-quality Australian wool (the high-realistic series will use flocking production), and no bargaining is accepted. 4. Place an order and pay the order form 👉 Estimate the number of days required to complete the production 👉After the payment is completed, the production of the list will start, and no changes can be made after the production is started. ------------------------------------------ [About Rong Craft] Rong Craft hand drawn|Fiber Artist The products are all handmade and hand-drawn unique works by the designer ------------------------------------------ Notes for order ⚠️①The hand-painted style is hand-painted by the designer. Perfectionists please choose carefully. If you like my style, you can place an order. ⚠️②Customized products do not apply to the seven-day hesitation period stipulated in Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law. Please confirm your needs before placing an order. ⚠️③The portrait series are not drawn (because canvas is not suitable for production). ⚠️④🔺Customized price: quote according to the size of the pattern you want to draw. Generally, if you want the price on the webpage directly, there is a fixed centimeter, please private message designer, who can make the price on the webpage for you. ⚠️🔺⑤Pure hand-painted, pure hand-made original design, time-consuming and labor-intensive production, professional skills, color adjustment are required to complete the production, the works made are all unique, there is only one work, can not find the second, the price ordered It is within a reasonable range of manual creation. In order to respect the original design creation of the designer, bargaining is not accepted. If you like my work, please order again, thank you! ⚠️⑥ After the order is placed and the payment is completed, the production will start, and the mail will be sent according to the number of production days. ‼ ️General customized service completed working day 🔸Pure hand-painted series: 5-7 working days (⚠️not including six-day holidays). 🔸Semi-dimensional wool felt: 15-20 working days (⚠️not including six-day holidays). 🔸Three-dimensional wool felt photo frame: 20-30 working days (⚠️not including six-day holidays). ⚠️⑦The price on the webpage is the price of directly buying the items on the webpage. For customized services, please send a photo message to communicate, and a separate quotation will be opened to place an order in an exclusive store. Do not directly subscribe. 🌀Make orders according to the order in which they were placed. Please use the message to ask for the completion date. 🌀Urgent orders will be charged separately for urgent orders, and a message is needed to ask the designer whether they can arrange urgent orders. -------------------------------------------------- ----- Customized welcome|birthday gift|commemorative gift|pet series Custom x hand-painted x hand-made x wool felt One stroke by one stroke is a hand-drawn design that presents a unique and three-dimensional sense. Do you like this kind of hand-drawn temperature? ! Rong handicraft sales items: 🐾🏆 Hand-painted series: purely hand-painted, the colors are all adjusted and drawn by myself, I want to make my work feel like a sense of temperature, more realistic and three-dimensional, uniqueness is not outside, so I insist on using pure hand-painted The way of presentation is different from the general printed products. The hand-painted canvas series uses waterproof paint cloth paint, and the color is more colorful. 🐾🏆Wool felt embroidery: Using 100% Australian wool, it is made with line and line needle felt technology to make the work look three-dimensional. 🐾🏆 Q version wool felt key ring: Made of 100% Australian wool, using needle felt technology repeatedly refined. 🐾🏆Three-dimensional wool felt needle felt technology: using 100% wool, needle felt flocking technology and finishing technology, wool felt work is tedious and time-consuming.


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