Brown series _ horizontal type dual-use identification card holder + clip type telescopic pull ring

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Can be worn straight or horizontally. Specially designed to place the right angle opening of the card on the back, when horizontally or vertically, do not worry about the card falling out. On the back, there is a layer of pockets for business cards and car



Brown series _ horizontal type dual-use identification card holder + clip type telescopic pull ring


Material: Italian yak leather, pig leather (back pocket of identification card) Size: identification sleeve -11.5cmX8cm, telescopic pull ring - diameter about 3.5cm, thickness about 1cm, line length about 48cm Telescopic pull ring: made in Taiwan Place of Origin: Taiwan Design & Handmade by BeingLife Intimate reminder: If there is a need for stamp printing service, it is a custom order, you need to transfer money or pay by card, the receiving method is registered parcel or super pure pick up. product manual: Dark brown pocket Light brown pocket Brown pocket When placing the card, move the card up from the beveled position and push it forward. Exclusively designed L-shaped opening to prevent the card from slipping out when it is placed upside down Material Description: The traces left by the cows during the growing process due to mosquito bites, we will try to avoid obvious scars when making; each piece of leather will have growth skin texture, the imprint of these life processes is the unique part of each product. Share. Product maintenance reminder: <Flexible pull ring> 1. Please pay attention to the resilience of the metal wire to avoid hurting yourself and others. 2. Pull out the wire as straight as possible to avoid pulling and bending. 3. If you encounter a situation where the metal wire cannot be retracted immediately, please pull it out for a short time and let the line bounce back. 4. Apply maintenance oil (Vaseline, needle car oil or leather oil) to the metal wire every two weeks to extend the life of the wire. <identification card set> 1. If water drops on the leather, first take off the water droplets as soon as possible. If it has been inhaled into the leather, wet it with pure water wet tissue, facial tissue or white cotton cloth (do not wet it will drip), evenly rub the included drops. Allow the water to spread over the entire leather surface of the water, reduce the chance of leaving dark water stains, then place the leather parts in a ventilated place to dry or dry naturally, or blow dry with a cold air from an electric fan or a hair dryer, such as a hair dryer. Only hot air, please keep at least 30 cm away from the leather. 2. The temperature and grease of our hands are the most natural skin care products for leather products. After long-term use, it will gradually become a unique color change. Avoid direct sunlight. 3. If it is not used for a long time, first take off the dust with a clean cotton cloth, then cover it with a cotton cloth or old white cotton T, and store it in a ventilated place. If you have leather maintenance oil, you can wipe it regularly (about three months). Before cleaning the oil, wipe off the dust with a clean cotton cloth and make sure the leather is dry. 4. Avoid using maintenance/cleansers with alcohol. If you have any questions about the product or use, please feel free to contact us.


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