Incense channel / incense holder / incense cone ~ misty ~ brushed sterling silver, stone texture, hand-made poems

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Ethereal (incense cone and incense holder) ~ sterling silver brushed processing method, matte sterling silver with stone texture, poems by Handicraft Poems green metalworkers ~ let the fragrance add life experience, light is very textured, hand made poems


Incense channel / incense holder / incense cone ~ misty ~ brushed sterling silver, stone texture, hand-made poems


The clouds at the top of the mountain are high and far away, and suddenly, the time seems to stop The calm and elegant atmosphere slowly immerses the floating heart. "Handmade Poetry" presents your taste with elegant sketches, Let the beauty of craftsmanship fit into your life. Original design from "Handmade Poem", praise! Material: Sterling Silver / Stone Size: Pure silver pieces about 60mmX27mmX8mm Stone article approximately W41mmX L58mmX H76mm This product is an incense burner with incense cones, handmade! It is sold as a photo product. The stone is the same as the photo, and it can be shipped the next day after the order is placed! If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you (messages are welcome)! Handicraft Poems series products are all Green Metallurgical Design Studio And sell it in small quantities on the online platform. So at the most reasonable price, provide customers with good value for money, I also hope to find friends who like hand-made poems and continue to support and encourage us! Origin / manufacturing methods Original poems by Tainan, Taiwan [Intimate little bitch] * Silver pieces will oxidize and turn black. You can use a detergent to clean the oily dirt of the aroma. After rinsing, dry the water. Then wipe it with a silver cloth, if the gloss is too bright, you can dull it, you can use a vegetable melon cloth to brush in one direction. [Notice to Store] * The color of the product image file will be slightly different due to the difference in computer screen settings. The actual product color will prevail. Please excuse me. * Each hand-made item will be slightly different, and cannot be 100% identical! * This product is a new product of a single product (the photos on the Internet are the complete product and the product you will receive), We do not accept returns, please confirm before placing an order! * This site has the right to accept orders or not. (In order to prevent credit card fraud, fraud) * The products of this website series have been applied for new style patents. Product totems, etc., are strictly prohibited from counterfeiting.If they are seized, they will be investigated according to law. Thank you.


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