Apple cat soothing towel with hand ring peas soothing towel Mi Yueli

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The soft short fleece cloth and the cotton towel made of the comforting towel, as well as the strips of different colors and materials in each corner, can increase the baby's touch and visual stimulation, so that the baby can't put it down.


Apple cat soothing towel with hand ring peas soothing towel Mi Yueli


The comforting towel is called Security Blanket or Lovie Blanket in the United States. The biggest function is to be treated as a mother's body, which can give the baby a sense of security and protection. When the mother is not around or changing the environment, this time the baby needs a sense of security just like the mother's comfort in the side. If the baby has a comforting towel that belongs to her/his familiar taste and touch, it is easier to calm down. Stabilize. Material: Front: cotton splicing Back: Short velvet bean cloth (Minky) Cloth ring: cotton fabric Hand ring: environmentally friendly plastic ※The hand-made strips in the four corners are made by self-made ribbons or labels that are not from unknown sources, so you can safely let your baby use and bite. One of the corners has a strip that can be hung with a bite ring or other toy, and a shaker is presented. Size: This is the big treaty 25CM*30CM (because the manual production has about plus or minus 1~2CM error) Precautions for cleaning: Do not dry or iron It is recommended to wash by hand. If it is put into the washing machine for cleaning, please put it into the laundry bag before putting it into the cleaning (to extend the life of the comforting towel). If you need a gift wrapping gift box, please go to the gift box plus purchase area to buy 喔 Thank you You can pay attention to the design museum before you buy it. You can use the coupons!! Customized time: about 7-10 working days (starting after the remittance is completed, excluding holidays) And depending on the current order status and the number of orders If there are more orders at present, the shipping time will be adjusted according to the actual situation. If you have any questions, please contact the designer before you order. After all, for the custom goods, communication beforehand is a link that I attach great importance to. Made in TAIWAN [Designer brand and introduction] Nimo Heart Made; a girl with arthritis in her hands and feet, because she doesn't want to bow to her fate, although she is taking injections every month, she still doesn't want to give up her dreams, relying on her own arrogance, combining the cloth with her The line, the skill change, becomes a cute and practical work, hoping to let the temperature of this handwork reach you and the baby. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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