[] Manual ink series ─ devil Lilith

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[] Manual ink series ─ devil Lilith


Night Witch. "We are made of the same clay creation, you and I should be the existence of the other. "She is so declared Adam. Color ink Write down a pale pink (very light), about 5 minutes for the color to become blue. Placing more than one day this will change to blue bluish purple. Because writing is unlikely to see a few, full color lighter end of the reaction, It is not recommended as a routine use. Writing is also more astringent sense of belonging fun ink. Note that salt-based composition, after use **for sure** To clean, so as not to put a long salt crystallization ruined pen! Test pen, parallel pen, dip pen, glass dip pen can be used. Aroma: Peach Glitter: None. Due to special ingredients, only 8ml. This section is absolutely Bunenghunge ink other ink usage. Because of the toxic ingredients to boil, so do not microwave, boil (Some people do is say ...?) ※ the ink containing salts, long home prone to crystallization, do not placed in the pen for a long time in! Capacity: 8ml (tag write 7ml) Color Test paper: paper Bachuan **Ink Note:** This ink is ink by hand, are all start from zero, please understand the characteristics of handmade ink, ink brand from the market segment is still a gap. If engraved, and may also be the first slight gap. ----------------------------- After all the ink-order the following tests: F → filtration → poured standing tip pen was allowed to stand one month → Pictures have tried to adjust to the impact of non-paper color, ink color, but because of the screen and shooting style, using paper and pen width and have different color. Do not return due to chromatic aberration reasons. ------------------------------ No powder, may be added to the purchase area available. ----------------------------- Fragrance of spices are all food grade ink used, its fragrant aroma only when writing, not long-term preservation on paper. ** belonging to liquid ink, Cargo No official, SF is not received, Do not direct billing, overseas guests please contact private consolidator. Taiwan's address and use the checkout. ** statement: 1. unable to provide invoices or receipts, according to the law do not need to do business registration (Turnover of not more than 80,000 yuan per month) of individual designers, and therefore can not provide invoices or receipts Very sorry 2. Closed news is that because the designer himself in weekly serial, but little helper once a week to handle cargo, Barring unforeseen shipping date is 2 weeks, other news please leave a message with reference to jump out of the hall! Inconvenience please forgive me Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade


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