Customized knocking couple bracelet

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Simple style Can be engraved with your own name Or engrave each other's Or maybe it is a word that has special meaning to you! Let you feel that each other is by your side all the time~ Good match and meaningful~



Customized knocking couple bracelet

商品説明 ⎜Product description⎟ Simple style Can be engraved with your own name Or engrave each other's Or maybe it is a word that has special meaning to you! So that you can feel each other by your side all the time Good match and meaningful ▻▻▹▹▹The number of words in English (capitals only) plus the number within 20 words ! Reminder ⎬ Every product is handmade, and every detail will inevitably be slightly different! ⎜Size and measurement method⎟ Dimensions: width 25mm high 4mm thick 2mm Hand circumference: male is about 7mm wide and 160mm long and 2mm thick. Suitable hand circumference: 15~20cm hand circumference Female is about 5mm wide and 140mm long and 2mm thick. Suitable for hand circumference: 13~17cm hand circumference ⎜Material⎟ International standard 925 sterling silver ⎢Maintenance method⎥ 1. Bathing, swimming, sea water, cleaning and wiping care products... etc., In these cases, some ingredients may affect the luster of the jewelry, and can be avoided as much as possible. 2. Hot springs containing sulfur will discolor the metal, so it is not suitable to be worn in hot springs. If you accidentally soak it, you can send it back to the studio for cleaning. 3. Human body sweat contains substances that can change the color of metals. If there is a lot of sweating, please clean it as soon as possible to avoid corrosion. 4. Avoid scratches caused by collision and friction with hard objects. 5. If the jewel gap card is dirty, you can soak it in a diluted neutral mild detergent and clean it with a soft cloth or soft brush. 6. If the white K gold jewelry changes color after wearing it for a long time, it can be re-plated to restore the original color. ⎜After-sales service⎟ 1. Since the date of purchase, within three months of non-human factors, free repairs and refills (limited to less than 0.3ct) And the original electroplated products can be re-plated once, and the maintenance after the warranty will be charged at the cost, and the basic cleaning and maintenance are free for life. 2. Customized merchandise, fully customized, because it is made according to personal needs. After confirming the design draft, place an order. Modification and cancellation of the order are not accepted. Spot goods are packaged intact within seven days from the date of purchase and can be returned or exchanged. 3. Loss of the guarantee card will not be reissued and the rights will be terminated. 4. If it is not the defect of the product itself that needs to be repaired, if human factors need to be sent back for repair, please bear the round-trip freight. ⎜Packing⎟ Exclusive bag + gift box + silver cloth + zipper bag + warranty card


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