SEANCHY handmade leather camping alpine gas tank holster vegetable tanned cowhide leather custom

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SEANCHY handmade leather camping alpine gas tank leather case vegetable tanned cowhide leather custom (Excluding the gas tank, other accessories or props in the picture)



SEANCHY handmade leather camping alpine gas tank holster vegetable tanned cowhide leather custom


►Product features . Material: High-grade Italian/European imported vegetable tanned leather . Leather thickness 1.4~1.5mm . size: Small size (suitable for 110g high mountain gas canisters) = about diameter 8.7 x height 6 cm) Medium size (applicable to general 230g mountain gas tank) = about 11.5 diameter x height 8.5 cm) Large size (applicable to a general 450g mountain gas tank) = Approximate diameter 11.5 x height 14.2 cm . 100% handmade ───────────────────── ▼Customization ───────────────────── ►Leather selection (prices are slightly different) (Please search on Facebook: seanchy leather, check the different leather/color works in the album) ►Suture color . The following stitching colors can be specified for free, please indicate when placing the order (it is recommended that the stitching is lighter or similar to leather) ►embossed text . 6 "capital" English A~Z can be stamped for free, and some fonts contain numbers 0~9. . Please note the font and embossed content when placing the order (remarks in lowercase English will also be stamped in uppercase) . Free within 6 letters, starting from the 7th letter, each letter is 15 yuan Taiwan dollars. . Additional purchase links from the 7th letter: ►Other . The SEANCHY brand logo is embossed in the corner of the product. . Welcome to put forward any customized requirements, we can discuss together :) . If you do not make a custom request when placing an order, the designer will make it according to his preference. . For special custom orders, the designer’s quotation is valid for 10 days. ───────────────────── ▼Know Before You Buy ───────────────────── ►Vegetable tanned leather Vegetable tanned leather imported from Italy/Europe is different from flawless PU leather or patent leather. The characteristics of vegetable tanned leather are natural and environmentally friendly. Each piece of leather has its own unique texture and growing scar mark. The habit of using the leather will slowly change color, which is what makes each leather work charming and unique. ►Pure hand-made Purely handmade, every step from coloring, anti-dyeing, punching, and stitching is completed by human hands. The finished product cannot be compared with the perfect product produced by the machine. But there is another delicate temperature and texture. ►Color First of all, the screen display may have color difference. In addition, even if the same brand, but different batches of leather, different storage time, the leather color also has a difference. Hand-dyeing products are light and heavy when they are started, and they will not be perfectly even. The color of the two orders will not be the same. Even if the same dye is dyed on the same piece of leather, the color of different parts will be different. The product shall prevail. ►Evaluation If the customer is not satisfied with the product, please send us a private message first. We attach great importance to the customer's opinion and will try to communicate and deal with it. If you don’t communicate, you will lose the basic respect for each other. We will treat the order as completed and will not provide after-sales service. ►If you cannot understand and accept the above situation, sorry, please do not place an order. ►Transportation notice . The production period will be lengthened by about 1-2 days for each additional piece or special specification order. Please contact the designer for details . The additional freight for shipping to outlying islands and remote areas is not included in the basic freight. If any, the buyer will be responsible. . Shipping to Hong Kong, Macau and China will be SF Express. If there are residential areas or all over the world, SF Express will charge a surcharge (pay on delivery) Origin / manufacturing method Made in Taiwan. All handmade


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