HOFFE coffee accompanying bag 11A (acquisition: 11/03 shipping: 11/11)

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Select the green coffee beans of the season from large green beans merchants, collect the orders and roast them in a unified way, and you can see them fresh! One serving is only 580 and free shipping, there are 21 packs containing 4-5 kinds of specialty coffee, super discount prices, but there are many enjoyments! With HOFFE coffee equipment, drinking specia


16g x 20


HOFFE coffee accompanying bag 11A (acquisition: 11/03 shipping: 11/11)


https://youtu.be/JiJ8uEfFsyg HOFFE COFFEE coffee accompanying package content announcement: ------------------------------------------------ 1. Guji sun-dried noble rot wine aroma treatment method G1 (shallow roast) Rich peach, strawberry, mango and tropical fruit cocktail. The entrance is honey and rum aromas, followed by the aromas of raisin, dense melon, and bergamot with yogurt lactic acid flavor, strong floral ending, sweet and full texture. 2. Kenya Chianbu Orange Fruit Manor (Shallow Medium Baking) The dry aroma is blackberry, cranberry, ebony, cocoa and cedar. When you sip it, you can feel the flavors of ebony, blackberry, and blackcurrant, with the aroma of cedar and ginseng. The end is caramel and cocoa aroma, with a strong Kenyan style, which is very addictive. 3. The season batch of Jinka Mixiong Yellow Honey (Shallow Medium Baking) The classic flavor of Costa Rican honey processing, the dry aroma is citrus, grapefruit, orange peel, grapefruit and honey. At the entrance, you can feel the bright scents of citrus, grapefruit, orange peel and plum, and the aroma of almond tiles and honey in the back. 4. Laminita Flower God (Shallow Medium Baking) The flower god has a very pleasant and elegant floral main flavor, with a soft acidity and a chocolate-like ending rhyme. The overall taste is clean and bright. Sweet and smooth, with distinct levels of fruit acidity and fruity floral fragrance. 5. Costa Rica Ayres Red Honey (Shallow Baked) (small amount) The front part of the entrance is bright citrus, grapefruit and orange peel, followed by the flavors of mulberry, blackberry and black plum. The tail part has a black tea and caramel aroma, and the taste is full and solid. 6. Sumatra Super Kayo Huangman wet stripping treatment (medium baking) (small amount) The flavor is pure and unique, full of mellow and rich texture, nuts, cream caramel, rich fat and mellow, charming medicinal fragrance, tropical fruit-like aroma, deep after rhyme, strong and wild, and thick taste And full, back sweetness is strong. 7. Gujji sun-dried calla lan / tatargayou (light roast) (very small amount) Second place in the African competition in 19 years, you can feel the aromas of sweet berry, peach and flower, strawberry, mango and melon, followed by orange peel and light orange blossom, with oolong tea flower rhyme, flower and fruit flavor Sweet and full. **(Small amount/plus size) means that customer orders and half a pound are not accepted** (1). 16 grams of comprehensive coffee bag (different from the 10g/bag in the market), 20 bags (unboxed), free to match beans (not optional), plus 1 bag for a total of 21 bags ! (2). You can also choose up to 4 different coffee packages (5 packages per unit), please note on the order (the extra code part cannot be selected) (3). The unified roasting is completed, and the package is grinded and sent out! Ensure the freshness of each batch of coffee bags! (4). The content of each batch of selected beans will be changed according to the inventory, HOFFE COFFEE reserves the right to change **Shipping to Hong Kong is about NT.110 and Macau is about NT130 (this is an estimated volume for reference, but the actual charge is still subject)** Origin / manufacturing method Place of Origin: Taiwan / Manufacturing Method: Hand-baked


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