Custom portrait (watercolor style) electronic file / can print physical goods

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◆ Customized drawings ◆ Digital electronic drawing files for non-physical goods ◆ Can be used as mobile phone wallpaper or photo stickers


Custom portrait (watercolor style) electronic file / can print physical goods


**⚠This product is a digital image file.** Watercolor style drawing fee: 500 yuan per person. (Pets count as 1 person) ▶This product can also be printed on physical products. ▶The printing fee is extra, please click the link to purchase: (Paper card + photo frame) (Square pillow) (White T-shirt) (Frameless painting) (Mug) (phone case) (Shoulder portable zipper canvas bag) (Shoulder carry dual-use magnetic buckle canvas bag) (Shoulder carry dual purpose canvas bag) **【Order Process】** Place an order and pay → upload photos → draw → send to your Mail. ▶The mailbox pictures in the library are compressed, and the details are easy to blur. Please use Mail to upload pictures: Q6743d@gmail .com ▶Please indicate the following information in your letter: =========================== Order number: Background color: Text: =========================== Please refer to examples of works for colors and text. **【Delivery Method】** Send the electronic file to your Mail. **【Electronic file size】** Photo sticker: 3000 x 3000 pixel Mobile phone wallpaper: 1920 x 1080 pixel **[Notes for the drawing]** ▶ The details of the facial features are blurred after the full-length photo is zoomed in. Please use the half-length photo mainly. ▶ Please do not cover the shape of your face and head in the picture. ▶ Do not draw background objects. ▶ Please take a photo together. **【Customized content】** ▶ There are 5 background colors to choose from. ▶ Chinese is limited to 10 characters. English is limited to 20 letters. If the number of words exceeds, the branch will be adjusted. **[Other styles]** ▶ ▶ ▶ **【aging】** ◆ Drawing time of digital image files: 8 days (excluding holidays). ※ Payment and photos will be counted from the next day. ※ Finish drawing early and send it early. ※ In peak season, the order quantity needs to be arranged, and the delivery time will be delayed, please bear with me. ◆ Physical goods printing time: 1 day: paper card. 2 days: Mug, acrylic key ring, mirror key ring. 3 days: frameless paintings, clothes, bags, acrylic portraits. 5 days: bed sheet, pillow, small pillow key ring. 7 days: mobile phone case. ◆ Delivery time: 2 days. ※ Super-business pick-up: Normal delivery on weekly holidays. ※ Home delivery by post: Weekly holidays will be postponed. ※ Hong Kong and Macau: Normal delivery on weekends and holidays (SF Express delivery). ※ Please contact SF Express for the timeliness of residential surcharges in Hong Kong. **【copyright】** ◆ The photo is provided by the customer, please be responsible for infringement. ◆ The museum has the rights of publicity, display, display, etc. (If you don't want to show, please inform in advance). **[Character beautification]** The paintings will thin the face, trim eyebrows, whiten, and beautify teeth. Reduce wrinkles, eye bags, moles, spots, and braces. If you want to retain features, please specify in advance. **【Remarks】** ◆ Customer products cannot be returned or exchanged. ◆ Personal business, no invoice or receipt attached. ◆ The museum can cancel orders without liability. ◆ The manpower of the museum is limited, and it is unable to provide services such as trial drawing, sketching, modification, and packaging. If there is any inconvenience, please forgive me. ◆ The person placing the order is deemed to agree to the above description.


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