Driver's second generation stainless steel filter cup - titanium gold flow filter cup (with chassis) 2-4cup

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• The second generation of stainless steel coffee filter cup, the first <vortex patent> design The level created b



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Driver&#39;s second generation stainless steel filter cup - titanium gold flow filter cup (with chassis) 2-4cup


Antibacterial rate is better than 316 stainless steel and non-toxic, odor is not easy to residue

Patented vortex design

Free of filter paper

Product desciption--------------------------------------

• The first generation of eddy current patented design for the second generation stainless steel coffee filter cup

Ability to create the best gold flow rate with automatic rotation guidance

• The level created by the golden flow rate makes coffee taste perfect

• The antibacterial rate is better than 316 stainless steel and it is not toxic, and the smell is not easy to remain

• Higher corrosion resistance than 316 stainless steel and durable

• Titanium surface can withstand high temperature to 550 degrees, low temperature -253 degrees

• High-density ultra-fine mesh filter to effectively filter coffee fines

• This product is made of 18/8 food grade high elastic stainless steel (SUS304)

• Free filter paper, no bleach doubts, new environmental and economic options, save you money on extra consumables

• Replaces the traditional filter cup, heat does not break

• SGS inspection, no heavy metals, plasticizers and bisphenol A and other harmful substances

• Insured Fubon 10 million product liability insurance

Product introduction (English) -------------------------
• The 2nd generation stainless steel filter cup, original vortex design,
Perfectly guiding the coffee flow around the cup.
•Designed in vortex, creating the best taste of coffee.
• Made of high quality 304 (18/8) stainless steel that is more durable than
316 stainless steel
•The design with titanium effect works under the temperature
Between 550°C ~ -253°C.
•High density of layer mesh makes the coffee ground filtered and
Allows the nutrients remained.
•Paperless and reusable, an ideal ECO solution to get the traditional
Filter cups replaced.
•Complied with SGS standards, free from heavy metal such as plasticizer,
Bisphenol A... etc.
•Fubon Product Liability insured for 10 million NT dollars

Product specifications-----------------

• Name: Driver second-generation stainless steel filter cup - [titanium] gold flow filter cup (with chassis) 2-4cup - patent pending 'counterfeit will be investigated

• Model: GB-TIG20262

• Size: diameter 12.5cm x height 8.9cm

•Material: SUS304 food grade stainless steel surface titanium

• Capacity: 2-4 cup

• Weight: about 92.1g

• Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan


1. Before using it for the first time, please read the instruction card in the box
It is recommended to use hot water and baking soda or lemon vinegar soak for 5 minutes and then rinse with water to use

2. Coarse Grinding of Coffee Beans: Applicable to the Scales of Foam and French Filter Pots
Equivalent to the size of the No. 2 granulated sugar. Use an adjustable grinder to grind the scale. Adjust it to 3 or more.

3. This product can not be heated directly fire

Cleaning and Maintenance -----------------------------------

1. After use, it is recommended to clean the filter when there is excess heat, and scrub with a natural cleaning brush or a clean vegetable cloth.

2. Use for a period of time, if you notice slower filter bowl flow rate

Please soak the filter cup in hot water at 50°C~70°C, add coffee tea stain remover or active oxygen enzyme powder

Let it stand for 20-30 minutes until the coffee oil dissolves. After a little brushing, rinse it with clean water.


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