BajuTua / Vintage / 70's Hippie Yipak Pakistani Hand-Grafted Embroidered One-Piece Dress

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BajuTua / Vintage / 70's Hippie Yipak Pakistani Hand-Grafted Embroidered One-Piece Dress


# 注意! Please read carefully before purchasing! # ★ This store is mainly used in the 60s and 70s with the preservation of the value of the old clothing, the goods have inevitable traces of use, occasionally new inventory, do not like second-hand products, please detour! ★Clothes may have buckles, yellow stains, small dirt, holes.....瑕疵, we will clean and repair before the shelves, if the stains can not be removed or other obvious defects that cannot be repaired, will be in the product page. Explain, please think twice about impulsive orders, unacceptable buyers, please do not buy ★Please confirm the size before submitting the bid, or ask your question, and do not accept the return after the size or the mark. Do not provide cash on delivery service, please confirm the purchase within 7 days after the purchase reminds you to complete the payment, please do not arbitrarily abandon the mark, destroy the integrity ★The color of each computer screen display is slightly different. The original color of the product has been displayed in the picture. If there is color difference after receiving it, please bear with me. Please refer to the flat or close-up picture for the actual color. Model : male 170 cm / 57 kg female 153 cm / 43 kg / size / product may have a measurement gap of ± 2 cm, please pay attention Collar width: 12 cm Shoulder width: X cm Sleeve length: 56 cm (upper sleeve opening 27 cm) Cuff width: 25 cm (24 in the sleeve) Chest width: 47 cm Waist width: 45 cm Length: 132 cm Hem width: 85 cm Opening: X cm Product status: At the end of the 1960s, when the hippie era rose, the graceful plant totems on the woodcuts of India or Pakistan were romantic and rich in color. They were loved by the hippies at the time, and the most expensive and hard-to-find styles are still long. The maxi dress, in particular, is that the sleeves were the most popular part of the time. The so-called triangle sleeves or trumpet sleeves are the specialties of this era. Manual hand-dyeing Before dyeing, the fabric must be firstly dyed and treated to a state where the coloring material can be easily dyed into the fabric. Then, with the skill of the craftsmen, the pattern can be carved with large or small wooden boards. , you have to make multiple versions, which is very time consuming. Some of the dyes are taken from minerals or plants. After the fabrics filled with patterns are finished, they are fixed, washed, dried, and so on. Because Pakistan's main religion is Islam, this dress combines the elegant and geometric pattern of its terroir. There are round mirror embroidery around the cuffs and neckline. It is very weighty. (The small round mirror may have some peeling or cracking. This is an unavoidable situation, please note). The thickness is moderate, slightly thicker than the general cover dyeing cloth, and the overall preservation is good. Material: 100% cotton The ancient and handicrafts collected by BajuTua are rare or only one, and every item is carefully selected for you!


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