Spirit Food / American Printing Black / Wide Plate Elastic Handle

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Spirit Food / American Printing Black / Wide Plate Elastic Handle


// special fruit design team Especially for the Oriental girl face and head specially designed version of the trial after a long trial and adjustment And personally cut version and sewing In order to meet the different styles and face of the girls specially designed to be able to adjust the width of the version type Regardless of the occasion and wear can be used to fix the fine hair too lazy to wash your hair to wear Just to make you more beautiful and more confident to find their own style - need to wear a proposal or choose color barrier welcome to find Ian <3- ::: strict use ::: US imports printed cloth (do not worry about fading!) - The fabric is stiff and soft and comfortable MIT elastic band (easy to loose or broken) [Or can be used to wear loose or tight] ::: size ::: Just the size of the hedge [If the head is larger or smaller Welcome to INBOX We will make every effort to answer your questions and special] ::: how to use ::: A small decoration on the hair Do not like the good friends ::: special ::: Hand wash (do not soak) Decorate your shape Fixed hair Occasionally do not want to wash your hair is also very easy to use Wild color ::: idea ::: We know that many people do not love jewelry tinkling pound Then put it on the head Obviously not ding dong ::: By the way ::: Update new products at any time, the latest news, market information Any custom or detailed questions are welcome [Each cell phone and computer are color difference that day shooting are natural light show I hope you can understand the order before the order of some color problems 【May be different from the picture due to the situation of the crop cut pattern if there are doubts welcome inbox designer] Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan Handcrafted Plate Making / Taiwan Handcraft