Dream Catcher - Love Cotton / Valentine's Day / Birthday / girlfriends / custom exclusive blessings

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The significance of Dream Catchering is that in every life, there are many different energies and guidances. Through the dream catcher, we can achieve goals, and let ourselves and those who care, ideas, dreams and ideas can be applied to the good side. The


Dream Catcher - Love Cotton / Valentine's Day / Birthday / girlfriends / custom exclusive blessings


Dream Catcher - Love Cotton When the guests ordered, they said that they liked the fluffy cotton. After they helped her to make it according to their needs and favorite color, the guests were very satisfied. I heard that it was necessary to arrange the wedding venue. It would be beautiful, like this powder. The color is so pleasing, there are two other guests who have not yet put on the shelves to order similar models!! Welcome to order according to your needs, the net of the dream catcher can choose dark or light This is a gift that is very suitable for expressing blessings. Welcome to the unique dream catcher ★ Gifts can be packaged on behalf of the package (Figure 4), but need to add box packaging costs $60, please inform the purchase before buying ★Commodity size: Dreamcatcher finished product diameter is about 16CM, especially with no flower, the unit price is higher, but it can be kept for more than 2 years. ★The products are pre-ordered, and the ordering time is 7-14 working days. Please try to communicate with Yuna in advance. ★ Please pay attention before buying: Dry flowers are natural flowers, there is no guarantee that every flower is complete and beautiful, and perfectionists should not buy it. Natural materials have a shelf life. If you want to be durable, do not choose dry flowers. The storage period is 1 to 2 years, and the time for the replacement of the jewelry is almost the same! Handmade merchandise is limited, and you can't accept the same pre-order as the photo. Inevitably, there will be some difference in color and detail! ★ Dry flower storage period: the color is brighter in the first three months, then the color will fade gradually, some petals falling off are normal, and the collection can be kept for 1~2 years. ★ Natural flower handwork can't be exactly the same, and it is inevitable that it is incomplete. Online shopping products are inevitably colored. If you want perfect, please don't buy it. The flowers are fragile and can't be transported back and forth. If the works are sold, they will not be returned. Photographed for the buyer to confirm before shipping, but can not accept the return, please also understand the manual labor costs, please respect the designer's design ★If you have any questions, please contact us directly. The jewelry storage method will be attached to the package. ★Pre-ordered products are ordered according to the remittance order, and the delivery date is notified when the order is placed (the waiting period is calculated without the holiday), and the hand-made goods are more time-consuming and labor-intensive. Please forgive me. ★Pre-purchased goods reserve the right to ship or not. In case of special circumstances such as natural disasters, it is not possible to ship on time. A refund service is available, but please understand the small business and you cannot compensate for the special circumstances. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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