Flower big nose ticket text sticker

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White opaque sticker / not waterproof, suitable for sticking on the book :) Single sheet 5.5*5.5 cm



Flower big nose ticket text sticker


Color ticket text sticker - favorite and whisper with you https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/348/31574374993_7442289762_k.jpg 1. I like to whisper with you! Hey! 2. You are my little lucky star. 3. Meeting you is a super lucky thing. 4. You must not have a question! 5. Let me be your source of happiness! 6. Be proud of yourself! 7. Don't worry about rest assured, about those things that are worrying! 8. Become an irreplaceable person. 9. Practice becoming a more confident person. 10. Hold hands and go down together! 11. Be yourself. 12. Find something that can do the best. 13. Everything goes well! Peace! 14. Beautiful sunshine, a beautiful day. 15. Have a pair of clear and transparent eyes. Color ticket text sticker - recording life is a very enjoyable thing https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/504/31574370013_c0dbd9c190_k.jpg 1. Recording life is a very enjoyable thing 2. You are my pistachio, where you are, I laughed and had six packs. 3. You are my sunny doll, there is a place where you are, even if it is raining, it is clear skies. 4. You are my family, where you are, home. 5. It’s good to have you. 6. Because of you, every day is worth recording 7. You are my star, where you are, I am not afraid of black. 8. You are my sun, where you are, always warm and passionate. 9. You are my GPS, there is a place where you are, I am not afraid to get lost, but also want to go to the distance together. 10. Get used to thinking positively 11. Never forget, be a gentle and strong person 12. Good night. 13. Be kind. 14. Don't forget the original intention. 15. Get better together!!! Color ticket text sticker - don't be a person who disappoints yourself https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/652/32235096332_04b7dc3db6_k.jpg 1. Don't be a person who disappoints yourself. 2. Time passed a lot faster than imagined, so I spent a lot of days together. 3. Fantasy has your future. 4. The care of the sun tastes. 5. The harder you work, the luckier you are. 6. Closer to your ideal self. 7. When you put yourself to a minimum, you can receive more. 8. You must also have the best things to do. 9. Don't try it, how can you know! 10. Can be (small) proud, but not forgetting! 11. If you are gentle, say it slowly! 12. Keep your own soul. 13. Hello, I am also very good! 14. If I can be your strength. 15. Hug is the best comfort. Color ticket text sticker - thank you for your company https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/726/32265150001_ebdacb85b1_k.jpg 1. Thank you for your company. 2. Let's go hand in hand! 3. The place you are in is what I want to go! 4. The tacit understanding exists. 5. Stay optimistic. 6. Can not be defeated by reality. 7. Cherish your existence. 8. Do yourself well in a down-to-earth manner. 9. Don't think about things that haven't happened yet! 10. Be brave for yourself! 11. Resolute anger, the goal is clear step by step. 12. Become your biggest fan. 13. Give yourself the power you need. 14. Dear yourself. 15. Don't give up, try again! White opaque sticker / not waterproof, suitable for sticking on the book :) Single sheet 5.5*5.5 cm


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