(50cm sterling silver chain) 925 Sterling Silver Sterling Silver Necklace Customer Name Blessing Story Father's Day Graduation Gift

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(50cm sterling silver chain) 925 Sterling Silver Sterling Silver Necklace Customer Name Blessing Story Father's Day Graduation Gift


https://www.ricer.tw/images/_rice00n_p.jpg https://www.ricer.tw/images/_rice01_p.jpg 🔺**/ customized allergic 925 Silver (thick chain 58cm, medium chain 50cm, fine-stranded 40cm) /** 925 sterling silver necklace: a total of 40cm fine chain (chain clavicle chain), 50cm medium chain and 58cm thick chain three options 🔺__If you want long-term wear, without removing the bath, it is recommended with 925 sterling silver caps, caps and chains there is no color, better texture, follow-up maintenance is also more convenient__: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/PHHDJQCr https://www.ricer.tw/images/necklace_e001.jpg 🔺 on the map left to 40cm thin chain (clavicle chain): suitable for medium-sized girls wearing use 🔺 on the map in the middle of 50cm in the chain: suitable for like a little fall with the shape or neck thick girls wear 🔺 on the map right side of the 58cm thick chain: suitable for all boys or dress more neutral girls wear https://www.ricer.tw/images/necklace_e002.jpg **This store merchandise is 925 sterling silver rice carving necklace 50cm,**another: 🔺 ** 925 sterling silver bead necklace 40cm (clavicle chain): https://www.pinkoi.com/product/iSTwQPaf ** 🔺 ** 925 sterling silver rice carving necklace 58cm (for men): https://www.pinkoi.com/product/NGdaqw9J ** https://www.ricer.tw/images/necklace_e003.jpg https://www.ricer.tw/images/necklace_e004.jpg Left 58cm thick chain, the right is 50cm in the chain https://www.ricer.tw/images/necklace_e005.jpg 🔺 40cm fine chain (chain rough 1mm), 50cm medium chain (chain rough 1.5mm), 58cm thick chain (chain rough 2.36mm) Three different thickness of the long necklace are resistant to sterile 925 sterling silver material https://www.ricer.tw/images/necklace_e006.jpg The picture is for reference only, the product contains only one rice carving necklace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACTj7But7Ac https://www.ricer.tw/images/_rice02_p.jpg https://www.ricer.tw/images/_rice04_p.jpg * Meters Diaofa artificial studio has been set up more than 10 years, the cumulative works of thousands of pieces, won the praise of customers. * Rice carving the most important thing is the text engraved kung fu, rice tattoo artifacts produced by the rice carving quality first commercial! * Pure hand-mouth blowing glass bottles, the length of 2.8cm, diameter 0.6cm. Bubble spherical diameter of about 1cm. * Each meter carved with transparent baby oil, without chemical stains. * Each word on each side of the upper word Chinese characters (both sides can be written). * English font on each side of the upper five words (a capital letter). * Positive Chinese (straight), negative English (horizontal) can also be. * Have the customer asked whether you can write more than five letters, of course, can! But within the five words more beautiful and clear. * Rice carving jewelry can be permanently preserved will not rot, is the best gift choice. * Avoid contact with high temperature, take a bath, and let go. * Custom time about 1-5 working days, working hours: Monday to Friday, weekend off. * Please note: custom merchandise order orders, in addition to flaws are not accepted returned! Hi, trouble reading Chinese? Every piece shown in my store is personalized and custom made by hand. Drop me a message if you like to know more. https://www.ricer.tw/images/_rice05_p.jpg https://www.ricer.tw/images/_rice06_p.jpg https://www.pinkoi.com/product/cfSlZSWT?category=8 Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade


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