The shop recommends the new MAISON SAINT MARTINS colorful bright cup scented candle British niche

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A British fragrance brand based on niche fragrances. The animal-shaped pottery cover is paired with a magic cup, natural soybean wax, wood core, and imported essential oil from Europe.


The shop recommends the new MAISON SAINT MARTINS colorful bright cup scented candle British niche


Brand Maison Saint Martins; Model candles Fragrance other; Color classification: Stuheide Garden, singing tree, Dover White Cliff, London Eye II; Candle classification other; 1. Stourhead Garden-Candle Stourhead Garden is the only place in the UK to be selected as one of the ten most beautiful gardens in the world. The Temple of Apollo in the garden is surrounded by a large area of greenery, romantic and quiet. In the 2005 movie version of "Pride and Prejudice", Mr. Darcy proposed to Elizabeth here, with the lovingly-written Stourhead Garden zip code-BA12 6QH. More and more couples are coming here for a romantic date or an unforgettable wedding in Stourhead Garden, and romantic oaths in cypress branches, grapefruit, broken green leaves and the most appropriate rose fragrance. Fragrance: woody floral Top notes: Use of cypress branches, grapefruit, broken green leaves, etc. Middle notes: rose, lotus, iris Back notes; amber, musk, sandalwood Postcode: BA12 6QH 2. Singing Ringing Tree-Candle On the hills of Lancashire in the north of England, there is a spectacular tree-like sculpture. Constructed from hundreds of metal pipes, it resembles a large "pipe bell". When the wind passes by, the tree will play a pleasant seven-tone step, and the wind direction determines the pitch. Singing Ringing Tree is named after a German children's play in the 1960s-the witch in the play can make the tree sing. The address of this sculpture full of innocence is BB11 3QZ. The fresh and sweet fruity top notes, with the delicate and delicate floral middle notes, give people a sense of innocence and happiness full of imagination. Postcode: BB11 3QZ Fragrance: fresh and sweet Top notes: raspberry, grapefruit Middle notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, mango, rose Back notes; vanilla, musk, black sweet beans 3. White Cliffs of Dover-Candle Known as the "Southern Gate", White Cliffs are a popular sight on Britain's southern coast. It is said that when overlooking the United Kingdom from the European continent, the most prominent is the white cliff, which is therefore considered to be the symbol of England. It is said that when the British navy returned home, seeing Dover's White Cliffs meant seeing home and everyone was excited. The zip code of this other landmark is CT16 1HJ, printed on a label on the wall of the cup. The exotic oriental incense brings back thoughts. The scent of amber and orchid is rich and deep, warming the heart. Fragrance: Oriental fruit sweet Top notes: raspberry, plum, black cherry Middle notes: orchid, purple freesia, iris Back notes; vanilla, musk, amber Postcode: CT16 1HJ 4.The London Eye II-Candle The newly upgraded London Eye II came back with high voices. The world's largest Ferris wheel stands out for the new millennium design collection and stands on the banks of the River Thames full of freesias, a permanent landmark of London. The label on the wall of the cup is printed with the London Eye's postcode SE1 7PB. The gentle and romantic freesia white floral fragrance is nostalgic. Postcode: SE1 7PB Fragrance: English Pear Freesia


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