Forest plantation land Marseille soap │ 72% pure olive oil handmade cold wash bath soap │ nest footpath

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French ancient formula | 72% pure olive oil + jojoba + apricot kernel oil ... | low temperature cold treatment | cleansing bath gentle wash without stimulation | suitable for all types of skin, more suitable for neutral, oily skin


Forest plantation land Marseille soap │ 72% pure olive oil handmade cold wash bath soap │ nest footpath


**[O8 Forest Plantation Marseille Soap │ 72% Pure Olive Oil Handmade Cold Soap │ Nesting Trail - Earth Marseille Soap │ Washing Bath Soap]** Fresh and pure, with a wooden musk tone. Neutral fragrance with fresh nutrients, elegant and neutral fragrances lead you through the natural atmosphere, the top notes are refreshing and energetic lemon, orange and tea trees, slowly entering the mid-tone of Mori's live Atlantic cedar aroma. It is followed by a refreshing and full-flavoured pine wood, which combines the bitter orange leaves and the sage of the sage, and it seems that the tranquility of the whole forest is in the eye. [Applicable skin type] Balanced machine wash - face bath soap, suitable for all skin types, more suitable for neutral, oily and oil sensitive skin -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- The nested Marseille soap is a cold soap! What is the difference between imported and hot Marseille soap? Handmade Marseille cold soap is a recipe of French royal traditional soap. It is made with 72% Pur olive oil + other vegetable oils and alkaline water. It is made at a low temperature of about 40 degrees. It can really retain the plants because it is at low temperature. Ingredients and natural moisturizer - glycerin, it takes about 3-4 months to mature after preparation. So every soap is very precious The thermal mechanized Marseille soap imported from France is usually saponified by the continuous heating of the oil in the boiler, which causes the nutrients of the original plants to be destroyed. Think about whether the oil in your pot keeps heating and the oil has deteriorated. The nested Marseille cold soap can preserve the original nutrients of natural herbal oils and is rich in precious moisturizing factors. It is a clean and maintenance-friendly soap. Handmade Marseille soap in the nest, no preservatives, antibacterial agents, surfactants, fixatives, chemical compounds. Please feel free to use -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- 【Instructions】 * Washing the face - first wet the hands and face with water, then use the hand-made Marseille soap to foam, then wash it with your hands on the skin massage, then rinse off with water. * Bathing the whole body - first hand and hand-made Marseille soap to wet with water, directly use the handmade Marseille soap to draw a whole body on the whole skin, then wash it with your hands on the skin massage circle, and finally rinse it with water. Suitable for cleansing the face and body. Ingredients: pure olive oil (72%), jojoba oil, palm oil, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, castor oil, natural spring water, Atlantic cedar, lemon, pheasant pepper, happy sage, striking lavender essential oil , Australian sea salt, barley, various minerals and plant powder [Place of Origin] MIT Taiwan [Weight] 110g ± 10%, 80g ± 10%, 25g ± 10% [Storage period] 18 months 【Precautions】 If you accidentally eat, please drink plenty of water immediately and seek medical advice. The color, shape and aroma of each handmade soap will be somewhat different, which is normal (color - using a variety of minerals and plant powder, shape - hand-cut, aroma - pure natural essential oil). [Storage method] Please keep it in a cool place to avoid sunlight. Please keep it in a cool place after use, keep it dry, do not soak in water and direct sunlight. * After opening, it will not be replaced and returned.


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