New product trial sale | Taiwan Elm cover type carton, solid wood Nordic toilet paper bag storage box

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A sanitary carton enters your home with [a color close to nature]. With a Taiwanese eucalyptus lid and a pure white box, it combines simplicity and function, and a good design can bring you a relaxing touch. And attach importance to the relationship betwee


New product trial sale | Taiwan Elm cover type carton, solid wood Nordic toilet paper bag storage box

商品説明 │From our memory of toilet paper Commercially available toilet paper bags in plastic bags. They are all printed in a colorful style. You can't expect to match your home; It is also impossible to create a perfect visual space for a perfect home. │ draw the last draw, it can also be easily extracted Extract one from the stable, Until the last few sheets will be taken away with the paper bag, you can't get rid of it. The weight of a wooden cover carton, the size of the extraction port, After the bag is properly held, the paper is separated and used. │The most natural raw material Taken from Taiwan Elm natural solid wood board, the average fastest growth of only one cubic centimeter of material per 10 years, making the touch delicate, wood dense, yellowish color and pleasing, and has a unique timber qualification. The whole piece of solid wood cover is never painted. You can touch the natural sarcolema; the pattern will show you a unique taste. │I have always been in our hearts and can’t forget Toilet paper is our family, Forever necessary existence, eternal love does not separate, it is worth your kindness. │Change the box with the wallet For a gentle toilet paper bag, put on an elegant and intellectually beautiful face tray. Five sides of 100% pure white fresh; with a warm wood color, The change in the five seconds changed the impression of the original paper bag. Now, it has become a part of your cherished and easily integrated home style. │I want a toilet paper bag to be integrated into the home The home is an exclusive place to relax and relax. It is a lounge behind the stage of life. Not only can the body, mind and spirit be temporarily relaxed, but also the rewards of the five senses such as sight and touch. Let the wooden cover carton give you a visual and spiritual comfort with a simple shape. │One two pieces a wooden cover, a box, The two-piece combination becomes the home of a toilet paper bag or a world dedicated to it. │Product Specifications A Taiwanese beech cover type carton Surface area: 21 x 13 cm Height: 9.7 cm Wood thickness: 1 cm Quantity: a group Material; Taiwan Elm (made in Taiwan), PP plastic (China OEM) Specifications: can accommodate 110 pumping toilet paper bags **The wood is meticulous and varied, and the wood grain combination of each piece is different. It is difficult to have the second same texture, color, etc. It is normal to have some cognitive errors.**


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