Pipijudy pearl totem earrings

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Pearl earrings with a diameter of 5mm, Always a classic among classics- Fan-shaped totem accessories can be customized Free to disassemble and match, Can be worn in front of or behind the ear Suitable for you ever changing 🌟


Pipijudy pearl totem earrings


【Commodity Information】 Material: 925 sterling silver/925 sterling silver plated 18K gold/selected freshwater pearl Sector size: 1x2cm Pearl earring size: about 5mm Can be lettering, welcome to discuss details with the designer 【Maintenance method and warranty】 The products made by Pipijudy are all sterling silver or 18K gold plated sterling silver, With different usage habits and time changes, some metals may become dull, which is a normal phenomenon of metal oxidation, please do not worry Therefore, you should minimize contact with perfume, hot springs, sea water and swimming pools when wearing them, and rinse them with clean water when not in use, wipe them dry and put them in sealed bags, which is the best way to save! In order to allow each product to be presented in the most beautiful manner, the products are provided with maintenance services! You only need to pay for the return shipping If repair service is required- Free warranty repair within one year Gold-plated merchandise can be returned for re-plating once with the warranty card within one year According to the situation, the chain class will charge the cost of labor 【package】 Commodity Warranty Card/Thick Anti-oxidation Clip Chain Bag/Silver Cloth In response to environmental protection, if there is no remarks, the air bubble bag and the thickened chain bag will be sent as packaging. If you need to give gifts, please note that we provide free packaging services. In addition to the above basic packaging, there are Textured small bag/textured small box/satin ribbon packaging/writing card Welcome to tell us [Pippi has other things to say] 1. All products are hand-made by the designer, some differences are normal, and you can accept the order again! 2. If you have other ideas that you want to order, you are also welcome to discuss with us, Pipijuti will do its best to help you realize your dreams! 3. If you have any questions about the product, welcome message to ask! 4. Some products have long working hours. If you are in a hurry to give a gift, please contact the designer first to avoid any delay! 【About Pearl】 The pearls used by Pippi Judy are natural freshwater pearls, and because each pearl is naturally produced, Occasionally, the lines are normal and cannot be guaranteed to be completely smooth and flawless. Acceptable friends will place an order! And pearls are easily corroded by acids or other chemicals, In order to prevent the sweat containing acidic components from damaging the luster of the pearl, please use a soft cloth to wipe off the sweat and stains after wearing, or rinse and dry with clean water. When collecting pearl jewellery, avoid contact with other jewellery and store them separately in a chain bag to avoid oxidation and wear. [Leave a secret] 1. Free lettering-English capital, numbers and "&" symbol 2. The number of words should not exceed 3 words on one side (you can also discuss if you have special ideas) 3. The manual alignment cannot be completely leveled, and can be purchased again!


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