Soothing fatigue shoulder and neck hot compress / cold compress bag-dog shape (brown)

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* Strict selection of product raw materials * Animal shape is cute and practical * Up to 45 minutes of warming effect * Organic wheat ears are heat-filling fillers * Can be put in the refrigerator for cold compress, or microwave oven can be used for hot compress



Soothing fatigue shoulder and neck hot compress / cold compress bag-dog shape (brown)


Soothing fatigue shoulder and neck hot compress / cold compress bag-dog shape (brown) -------------------------------------------------- - * Strict selection of product raw materials * Animal shape is cute and practical * Up to 45 minutes of warming effect * Organic wheat ears are heat-filling fillers * It can be put in the refrigerator for cold compress, or it can be heated by microwave oven or electric plug-in oven for hot compress __**Product introduction**__ The German Leschi shoulder and neck relief hot / cold compress bag is made of German organic garden wheat ears as a heat-filling filler, which has the characteristics of rapid heating, heat lock and steam emission; it can be immediately heated by microwave in 1-2 minutes Use a warming effect for up to 45 minutes. In use, it not only increases convenience and continuity with thermal energy; at the same time, the hot pack can be continuously heated and used, contributing to resource conservation and environmental protection,q_100/ __**product is suitable for the object and condition**__ Frequent use of computers and mobile phones with low heads / busy, stress / back pain / sleep disturbance / bad metabolism / stiff body fatigue / female cycle / lactic acid accumulation after exercise / winter warming nest __**Instructions for use**__ 1. No need to boil hot water, it only takes 1-2 minutes to quickly heat in the microwave. (Since the power and heating efficiency of each microwave oven will be different, it is recommended that the temperature can be tested from the microwave for 30 seconds for the first time, and then slightly adjusted to increase each heating time to find the most suitable heating temperature to avoid scald) 2. Because it is not easy to dissipate heat, the insulation effect is quite good, and the speed of heat release is slow, which is safer than other heat-sensitive fillers 3. Because the heat-sensitive body is wheat ears from nature, the surface of the plant has many fine holes, and the indoor environment will have a moisture regain effect. When the microwave oven is heated again, the moisture will be released by the microwave heating, and it will be able to tour to achieve the effect of moisturizing hot compress 4. After heating, the smell of natural wheat ears can relax and achieve multiple stable and comfortable effects 5. Comfortable and soft to hold, full of happiness 6. It can also be placed in the freezer for cold storage for cold compress or cooling effect 7. Can be reused continuously, cherish resources and love our only earth. __**Notes**__ 1. Please refer to the safety instructions before use 2. Patients who cannot express meaning (such as infants, children, adults, etc.) and patients with insensitive tactile sensation, please do not use it to avoid scald accidents caused by inability to communicate 3. The skin has wounds, please do not use 4. The temperature of the hot compress can be slightly higher than the body temperature. If the temperature is too high, it does not mean that the effect is good, but it may cause burns. 5. The hot compress bag is only an auxiliary tool and not a medical article. The above information is only for general recommendations. For those with special conditions, please follow the special medical advice of the physician / physiotherapist 6. For hygienic consideration, it is recommended to place the microwave hot compress bag in a microwaveable clean dish, storage box, and storage bag for heating.,q_100/ __**Commodity Information**__ Material: Outer fabric 100% polyester fiber, filler 100% organic wheat ears Size: 28 x 21 (cm); 590g Place of Origin: EU Poland __**Safety instructions for products**__ Instructions Leschi Warming Pillows Series All Leschi insulation product series have passed the EU toy safety standard test, and all have obtained CE mark safety certification. All thermal insulation products are prohibited to be used by infants under the age of 3 months. The filling in the thermal insulation product is 100% organic wheat ears from German organic fields, but it is not suitable for consumption. __**Heating**__ For safety reasons, only adults can perform heating. Leschi recommends heating temperature and time settings for microwave ovens (600W, 2 minutes) and electric plug-in ovens (100 degrees, 15 minutes). Please pay more attention to the operation to avoid overheating, dry burning; We sincerely recommend starting to test the thermal temperature of the product from 30-40 seconds. If it is not hot enough, then slowly add 5-10 seconds to find your own optimal temperature (it should not be heated for too long at a time). At the same time, it avoids scalding or damage to the product and the machine caused by too high temperature. In addition, it is forbidden to use a gas oven (Gas Oven) for heating, so as to avoid the danger of overheating too quickly. If you use a microwave oven for heating, make sure that the internal turntable can turn smoothly. When reheating is in progress, it is recommended to take it out and shake it in the middle so that the wheat ears inside can be heated evenly. Before preparing for use, please touch the temperature with your hands again to avoid overheating and injury. When the heat preservation product has been completely cooled, the heating for the second use can be performed again. Please avoid heating continuously for many times in a short time. If the insulation product is damaged due to improper use, please discard it and do not use it again. __**Storage Method Store**__ Please place the product in a cool and dry place. In addition, in order to avoid breeding bacteria, please do not expose to moisture (for example, saliva). __**Cleaning**__ Scrub gently with a damp sponge. __**Other Information Additional Information**__ After the heat preservation product is heated in the microwave oven, moisture will be generated on the surface layer of the product, which represents the normal reaction of the organic wheat ear filler in the product when heated. This is the evaporation of the natural moisture of wheat ears after heating. If this moisture causes inconvenience, please leave the product for 2 minutes, the insulated product will become dry. If the heat preservation product becomes dry after several heating processes, please leave the product for 2-3 days and wait for it to be used. During this period, the wheat ears will naturally combine with the moisture in the air. After this sleep, the product will return to the feeling of first use again.


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