[OPUS Dong Qi Metalworking] Wenchuang USB Night Light LED Candle Metal Lighting/Birthday/Night Splendor

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★ LED lighting atmosphere light ★ Energy saving and environmental protection ★ Healing Department of Cultural Creation ★


[OPUS Dong Qi Metalworking] Wenchuang USB Night Light LED Candle Metal Lighting/Birthday/Night Splendor


**OPUS -- Taiwan Cultural and Creative Brand** Combination of beauty and practicality, fashion creative European iron design Make life into imagination and interest. ■ Name: Night of the butterfly dance - LED situation night light (Color temperature matching: white / warm yellow / colorful) ■ Power on mode, USB cable with wireless remote control ■Size: 9.2 x 9.2 x 15cm Weight: 640g ■ Method: Metal laser cutting, manual paint coloring ■ Includes USB connector, can be connected to mobile power or laptop, easy to carry out to use ■ Can be used as desk lamp, indoor modeling lamp, outdoor camping lamp, situation decorative lamp...etc. ■ LED candle specifications, permanent replacement, power saving and environmental protection, soft color temperature and light, beautiful situation. ■ It is easy and convenient to select plugs and USB ports. ■ Three color temperature options: colorful color LED lights, 5200K warm yellow light, 6200K white light. ■ Voltage: input 100~240V 50/60Hz, output 5V 1000mA ■ Made in Taiwan **Night Butterfly Dance LED candle metal lighting series, under the black fog, warm lighting through a layer of Lei carving silhouette, showing a warm and elegant picture, ingenious design, laser cutting and metalworking art perfect combination, suitable for new home gifts , birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, shop window decoration, wedding arrangements, or when the night light is very suitable! USB connector included for easy portability and use of wireless remote control to adjust the light and color, composed of three primary colors: red, green, and blue. Among them, LED chips can be equipped with 12 colors. The color is rich and varied, breaking the tradition, absolutely Is a new visual experience! LED has built-in infrared technology, the connection range can reach as much as 3-5 meters without blocking, the operation mode is very simple, as long as the use of wireless remote control, you can control LED lights "brightness", "color" and "scene mode" Users can fully control the color of light and create a beautiful and practical atmosphere.** ● The surface is painted by metal, which is characterized by the effect of piano paint and occasionally tiny particles on the surface. It is a normal phenomenon. ● Keep places where children are not easily accessible to avoid scratches. ● Avoid placing in a damp environment. ● If there is moisture in the product, wipe it with a dry, soft cotton cloth immediately to avoid the possibility of rust and oxidation. **Origin / manufacturing methods** Dongqi Metalworks upholds the concept of quality first and devotes itself to creating the Taiwan Metalworking brand. It has spent tens of millions on purchasing Japanese AMADA laser cutting and folding machines. With more than 28 years experience in the research and development of metal products, it is painted in piano paint and has a bright and even color.