1927 // BUTTERFLIES // Antique Butterfly Book No.1

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This book is an antique old book published in 1927. It has been counted for 92 years, and it has been nearly a hundred years old antique book. The overall book condition is well preserved! This book contains many butterfly color pictures, with some black a


1927 // BUTTERFLIES // Antique Butterfly Book No.1


BUTTERFLIES Antique Butterfly Book No.1 Size: length 23.5 x width 16 x thickness 4cm Year: 1927s https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a01.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a05.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a11.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a09.jpg This is an antique book published in 1927. It’s been 92 years since I counted it. The overall book condition is well preserved This book contains many butterfly color pictures, with some black and white illustrations. And related research articles on butterflies There are many compositions inside, it is the picture of the butterfly in the blue sky. Appreciation is very refreshing, Have a touch of happiness / And the color printing in this old book, If it is based on current standards, it is not delicate enough and the level is not clear enough. But we look at the standards of 90 years old antique books. These precious butterfly color pictures show a very natural and charming retro atmosphere. And it will be an old book that looks more and more eye-catching. / **【 Please note】** ✓ This is a second-hand book that will have normal usage marks: for example, creases, mottled small stains, worn edges of the book, and small cracks on the page. ✓ The page has a charming yellowish appearance ✓ The scene is shot with natural light, the actual items will be slightly darker, please understand and then order by private message. https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a02.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a03.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a04.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a06.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a07.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a08.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a10.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a12.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a13.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a14.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a15.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a16.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0319_a17.jpg ______________________________________ **// Package delivery in China, Hong Kong and Macau //** **It is recommended to use "pinkoi international transshipment" to send.** **It will be faster, more convenient and cheaper!** International Transit Use Process↓↓ https://pinkoi.zendesk.com/hc/zh-tw/articles/115003840213-%E5%9C%8B%E9%9A%9B%E8%BD%89%E9%81%8B%E4%BD%BF%E7%94%A8%E6%B5%81%E7%A8%8B ______________________________________ **/ Note before purchase /** Every old antique is our own hard work from home and abroad. The charm of antiques and old objects, stacked over time, The beautiful nicks left by the vicissitudes of the past century. These are the characteristics of old things. Please do not treat them as "new products". __Also because old antiques are not new and fragile,__ __Therefore, please do not provide us with a return service.__ __Buyers who are pursuing perfect new products are advised to consider carefully and purchase.__


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