H182 Ethnic style wax thread braided colorful stone (ammolite) copper bead bracelet

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Unique South American wax thread woven ammolite bracelet.


H182 Ethnic style wax thread braided colorful stone (ammolite) copper bead bracelet


https://youtu.be/wmPKtu77fSM One in stock, it's the one in the photo Handmade, each piece is woven with wax thread by the owner himself. Macrame weaves are varied, so each one is unique. Misssheep chooses South American wax line South American wax thread is water resistant, does not fade, does not smell, and is super durable, suitable for long-term wear **[Material]** - Wax line -Copper beads / Sun stone beads -Ammolite (ammolite) about 19x11mm **[size]** The longest is about 23.5cm (can be adjusted freely after passing through the palm circumference) https://upload.cc/i1/2020/06/29/iuxTfQ.jpg (Close your palms slightly, and use a rope or soft ruler to wrap around your palms. This value is the palm circumference. As long as the length of the wristband is longer than the palm circumference, you can wear the wristband) All accessories are shipped in carton packaging, with sufficient protection~ [About Ammolite] Bancai fossils are composed of aragonite and calcite. Because the growth structure is thin and plate-like, a color-changing effect (rainbow phenomenon) is formed; most of the variegation is thin and sometimes difficult to inlay, so it is more than two. The inlay method of interlayer or three interlayers is used for processing, resulting in decorative parts. Maintenance attention: Bancai is an organic gemstone. Commercial cleaning agents or ultrasonic cleaning should not be used, nor should it be immersed in liquids for a long time; it should be kept away from perfumes, hair sprays and household cleaners. Features: 1. Contribute to career and wealth. 2. It protects and stabilizes the wearer. 3. It is said that because Bellagio absorbs the knowledge of the universe, it can strengthen wisdom, and can also help you increase wealth and improve your aura. **[Maintenance and precautions]** -Avoid hitting natural stones with hard objects or dropping necklaces. (The hardness of the natural stone on the necklace varies. Falling may damage the stone) -The wax thread is resistant to water, but because the hardness of the ore on the necklace and the degree of heat are different, it is not recommended to touch hot water or chemicals (please do not wear it to bathe, swim or soak in hot springs~). If the wax thread is dirty, you can Rinse with water or neutral detergent, and then gently wipe dry or air dry. -The brass material will slowly oxidize with the wearing time, turning into an older copper color, and another flavor. If you mind, you can wipe it with copper oil to restore the original luster. (Pure copper is a copper accessory that has not undergone any processing, so it will have its own rust spots and textures! But not every batch of accessories will have it!! So~ If you mind, please choose carefully, thank you~) -Wax thread knitting will not be connected with glue, but will be pasted and finished by melting the wax with light fire. Therefore, the edge of the thread may be slightly darkened, which is a normal phenomenon. -Natural materials such as natural stone may have different colors or textures, and there may be natural phenomena such as ice cracks or cotton mist. -The product in the picture may have color difference due to different factors such as light and color design of the computer screen. **[About shipping]** __Hong Kong__ Customers in Hong Kong are shipped by SF Express (free shipping), and customers pick up at [SF Station] / [SF Express Service Center] / [By the way Smart Cabinet]. Please select the pick-up location you want before placing the order, and leave a comment when placing the order, thank you SF Express http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/SFNetwork/SF_store_address/ SF Express Service Center Address http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/SFNetwork/SF_service_center_address/ By the way, the address of the smart cabinet http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/SFNetwork/EF-Locker/ __Taiwan/Macau/Mainland China/Japan/Thailand/Singapore/Malaysia__ Optional [Hongkong Post] or [SF Express (Freight Collect)] [Hongkong Post] It is sent by registered airmail, and the mail can be tracked __other areas__ Hongkong Post is used in other regions, and the mail is sent by registered airmail, so that the mail can be tracked. If you have any questions, please inquire~ ^^ Origin/manufacturing method Made in Hong Kong, Misssheep handmade


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