Baby special baby organic skin care group handmade soap talcum powder cream diaper rash natural grass cream

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All ingredients are natural and organic, and are USDA certified. For the novice parents, the most intimate combination of organic skin care products, from clean to moisturizing skin care, is not sensitive, not irritating, and gently protects the delicate s


Baby special baby organic skin care group handmade soap talcum powder cream diaper rash natural grass cream


👶🏻 Newborn skin is always fragile and needs natural protection without added 👶🏻 🌱Chagrin Valley is a well-known organic maintenance brand in the United States. This time we need basic cleaning and skin care products for our baby: “Organic Handmade Soap”, “Organic Body Cream”, “Organic Body Powder” and “Organic Herbal Cream”. The all-in-one natural organic appeal is non-irritating, non-sensitive, and non-additive. It completely removes excess artificial compounds and uses only effective and pure herbs as raw materials to provide the best and most natural pure protection for newborns. This combination is also the best gift for newborn parents because it is packaged in a gift box. ] ❤️ Sense of gift box packaging, plus paper bags for your gift 👉With the use and thanks to the small card can write your mind 👉 身 身 打开 打开 STEP 1 Open the top cover first STEP 2 Press down firmly on the circle (you can also press down with sharp objects) After STEP 3 is pressed, turn the middle shaft and use the small hole to the upper and lower holes. After use, turn it off. Common Q&A Q: Why is there no date of manufacture on the product? A: The Chagrin Valley series of products are made in small batches every time, and they are re-created every few weeks. And we purchase small quantities, air delivery 3~5 days to arrive, to ensure the freshness of the goods. Q: How long is the retention period? A: Since the series of products are all made of natural plants or ingredients, no preservatives or stabilizers are added at all. Handmade soap should be used within half a year after opening; please see the PAO logo on the bottle for other products. 6M represents the use within half a year after opening. The talcum powder can be stored for a long time, but please avoid getting wet or wet. In addition, natural products we recommend must be kept in a cool dry place. Q: What should I do if the cream/nourish cream product melts? A: Products such as creams and nourishing creams may melt because of the high temperature of the storage environment, but they do not affect the quality of the products. Do not worry. The cream/nourish cream can be placed in the refrigerator to solidify. Due to the high temperature in summer in Taiwan, we recommend that you put it in a cool dry place. Q: Why is soap in the handmade soap box open? A: The products of Chagrin Valley are all in green packaging. We use materials such as recyclable cartons. And try to use the least amount of packaging materials, thank you for your understanding. Remarks are not returned after opening. Regardless of the skin care product you use, please do an allergy test before use. Buy it and send it! French Cookut. Bunny baby learning spoon! ! ! ! ! A limited number! ! ! ! !


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