Mod NX Frame Back Cover Dual-use Phone Case/Toy Story-Three Eyes Strange Drive iPhone

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[Not just toys, toys! 】 Rhino Shield officially launched the Toy Story series mobile phone case Moreover, Rhino Shield is crazy to play! In one breath, 27 models in collaboration with Pixar are on the shelves👏👏 Even the packaging design is not let go! Including Hu Di, Buzz Lightyear, Three-Eyed Monsters, and Chakki all gathered in the Rhino Shield Design Hal


Mod NX Frame Back Cover Dual-use Phone Case/Toy Story-Three Eyes Strange Drive iPhone


❌This time we cooperated with Disney to authorize genuine products**Only for sale in Taiwan and sent to Taiwan, not sent overseas** 🚛 Delivery method: Please choose__**宅配**____**宅配**____**宅配**__ 📢This genuine authorization is mainly based on sets, so**cannot provide a way to buy backplane alone**, please forgive me 👉Click the link to see other Toy Story cases: 🔎[Product Content]: 1. Mod NX mobile phone case frame x1 (including 3 volume keys and power button buttons), Mod NX trim strip x1, Toy Story design back panel x1 [Buttons and trim strips have been installed on the phone case] **Unlimited demand, once realized** Mod NX's modular design makes the mobile phone case an instant fashion extension platform. As long as one simple step is to replace the back panel with a decorative strip, Mod NX can easily switch between the back cover protective shell and the frame shell. You can even replace the multi-color buttons to add personal specialties, or install the Rhino Shield expansion wide-angle lens on the Mod NX back cover mode to make the world you record wider. **By strengthening the backplane printing technology, the design patterns clearly show vitality and become more vivid.** Change the way you use the phone case according to your mood, use whatever you want ✦Frame shell: Mod NX mobile phone shell frame + decorative strip ✦Back cover: Mod NX mobile phone case frame + back panel Product Features: ◆Mobile phone case unanimously recommended by foreign technology column ◆Minimum size, maximum protection ◆Exclusive buffer material, embedded honeycomb structure ◆Passed the MIL-STD 810G military regulations, the drop standard is 1.2 meters, even up to 3.5 meters. ◆A must-have anti-fall item for the easy-to-hand slip machine ◆Applicable to charging cables of more brands ◆Mute switching, easy flicking with one finger ◆Curved feel, smoother and more streamlined ◆100% perfect compatibility with a variety of full-page screen protectors ◆Food grade material, the product does not contain BPA (bisphenol A)/BPS/BPF ◆Replaceable accessories, free to match your exclusive color 【Notes】👇🏻 ⚠️Mod NX back panel please wipe with clean water ⚠️This product is a plastic consumable. It may be scratched, dirty (yellow stain), and wasted due to personal use. It is not within the return and exchange specifications. Please use it carefully. ⚠️Be sure to read the installation instructions carefully before use. Improper installation methods may cause damage to the appearance of the phone case. ⚠️Like other protective products, all RhinoShield protective shell and protective film products will protect the phone at the expense of themselves. Therefore, when you find that the product has obvious impact deformation or severe wear, it is recommended that you stop using it and replace it with a new product


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