Misssheep-R06-National Wind South American Wax Line Braided Brass Lapis Ring

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A unique South American wax line woven lapis lazuli ring.


Misssheep-R06-National Wind South American Wax Line Braided Brass Lapis Ring


One spot is the one in the phase~ Handmade, each piece is hand-woven with wax lines. Wax weaving varies so much that each piece is unique. Misssheep uses South American wax line South American wax line is water resistant, does not fade, does not smell, and is super durable, suitable for long-term wear. **[Material]** - brass - Wax line - Natural lapis lazuli (Lapis lazuli) approx. 18 x 14 mm (This is the size of the stone, because the wire will wrap the stone when weaving, so the size of the stone will be smaller than its size) ** This stone has a certain thickness~ The ring surface after weaving is about 7mm thick. If you care about the thickness, please take it carefully~ Thank you **[size]** US7 / HK15 All accessories are shipped in carton packs, with adequate protection~ (ornament card + bubble paper protection) (The size of the carton may vary depending on the size of the goods, the picture is for reference only) https://upload.cc/i1/2018/04/15/a59Uw8.jpg **[About lapis lazuli]** The lapis lazuli is in different layers of blue, containing gold (yellow) or white (calcite) connotations. In the ancient ornaments of Egypt or the Middle East, the seals or ornaments made of lapis lazuli can be seen, even by Egyptians. It is considered to be a kind of "sacred stone". Only a very valuable Pharaoh, a high priest and other talents can wear it. It is a noble and beautiful "gem". efficacy: The lapis lazuli corresponds to the throat wheel and the eyebrow wheel, which can improve the eye (soothing eye pressure, eliminate fatigue), sore throat, trachea, respiratory disease and strengthen its function; Lapis lazuli helps stimulate the thyroid gland, speeds up metabolism, and helps the skin and circulatory system; People with allergies can also relieve the symptoms of allergies through the idea of lapis lazuli; Lapis lazuli enhances insight, resolving power, and calms anger and irritability. **[Maintenance and precautions]** - Brass material will slowly oxidize with the wearing time, become an ancient copper color, and another taste. If you mind, you can use copper oil to wipe back the original luster. (Pure copper is a copper fitting that has not been processed anyway, so it will have its own rust spots and textures! But not every batch of accessories will have!! So please mind carefully, thank you ~) - Wax weave will not be glued, but it will be glued and finished with a lightly burnt wax. Therefore, the edge of the line may have a dark color, which is normal. - Natural materials such as natural stone, each of which has a different color or texture, and may have natural phenomena such as ice cracks or cotton mist. - The items in the picture may have color differences due to different factors such as lighting and computer screen color design. **[about delivery]** __Hong Kong__ Hong Kong customers are unified with SF Express delivery (free shipping), guests at [Shunfeng Station] / [SF Express Service Center] / [Batch Smart Cabinet]. Please select the pick-up location you want before ordering. Please leave a message when placing your order. Thank you. SF http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/SFNetwork/SF_store_address/ address: http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/SFNetwork/SF_store_address/ SF Express Service Center Address http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/SFNetwork/SF_service_center_address/ By the way, the smart cabinet address is http://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/SFNetwork/EF-Locker/ If you have any questions, please feel free to enquire ~ ^^ __other areas__ All are mailed by Hongkong Post and sent by airmail. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Hong Kong Misssheep handmade


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