Brass shell earrings with adjustable ear clips

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Dear All: This earring does not come with a box. If you need packaging, please purchase it separately. Product size and content slide down!


Brass shell earrings with adjustable ear clips


*This earring does not come with a box. If you need packaging, please purchase it separately. Please do n’t imagine the size, the product details will be marked below, the details of the earrings on the page must be read to place an order, thanks ~* Designer's note: Selling flowers and praising flowers, we have heard this no less than 100 times in the market. Everyone says "these earrings are really beautiful!" Buying on the road, we will all respond: I'm sorry I can only buy at the market. The reason is that Ban Niang will only make 1 or 2 pairs. I hope that every time you come to us, we will have different styles. Wanna-be Accessory has a high sales volume in Hong Kong consignment stores and Taiwan market. Finally also launched for sale on Pinkoi, the only online operating point (limited manpower), hoping that customers outside Taipei can easily buy our accessories ;-) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ "The picture shows the ear pin model, and you can also order the [brass ear clip], please look at the options when you place your order. If you don't choose the special [ear clip], you will send it as an ear pin. Please Watch out. 》 ● Product size: Earrings are approximately 5.5cm tall. Shell diameter 0.8cm (Each hand-made product is different. When measuring by hand, the error is within + -0.2 cm is normal. The mother of the board said: each pair of earrings spend a lot of time on the shelves to take pictures. If you care about the difference in size of a few mm, please Find us at the market; -D) ● Product material: brass + shell ● Transaction procedure: Each order is our most valuable order, so after you confirm the bid and complete the payment process, basically as long as there is no out of stock status, we will send it within 1-2 days of receiving the remittance information Out! ● Brass is not electroplated. After wearing contact with sweat, cosmetics or moisture in the air, it will oxidize and darken with time. If worn frequently, it will show retro colors! It is advisable to remove the jewelry when taking a bath, bathing in a hot spring or coming into contact with any chemicals or makeup products. When oxidizing, use copper oil, toothbrush with a small amount of toothpaste, and silver cloth to keep it bright. The climate in Taiwan is humid, so it is recommended to keep it in a zipper bag when not wearing to prolong its life. ● Reminder: The color of the product may vary depending on the computer screen. The actual color shall prevail. Before shipping, the staff will check once and send it out to ensure that the product sent is complete. If you find that the received product is defective, you must contact us immediately and provide a photo proof. Please keep the packaging and do not wear the defective product In case of the above, the replacement service will be cancelled. ● We have not customized or modified the service. Please understand the size before deciding to buy. Thank you! ● Every piece of work is the hard work of our design. I hope you will treat them well, and thank you for your support. "BE WHAT YOU WANNA BE!"


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