American Western antique jewelry / American Shields three-dimensional square green jade pattern antique cufflinks Cufflinks / men's jewelry

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The store is not brand new, mainly selling old jewelry from 1940 to 1980. The main sources are the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. After centuries, the jewelry is almost impossible to fade or change color. I will try to show it in photos and hope to confirm before buying Or ask about the condition of the item, don’t use your imagination


American Western antique jewelry / American Shields three-dimensional square green jade pattern antique cufflinks Cufflinks / men's jewelry


The picture below shows the early 1955 advertisement of Shields. This is a company that has not been established for a long time, but it has left its mark in the field of vintage men’s jewelry and has been active for decades. Cufflinks have been a lasting element of men's style for nearly 800 years. Before it existed, tailors only used buttons as decoration, The men paired clothes with pins, laces and belts. In the 1920s, jewelry designers invented T-shaped posts and flip hinges. From the 1930s to the 1960s, the standard Manufacturers such as Swank, Anson and Hickok in the design produced millions of cufflinks (picture 6 shows the big cufflinks at the time). In the 1980s and many years in the past, French cuff shirts once again returned to men’s wardrobes and are now very popular, especially young professionals trying to stand out in "business casual" clothing. This model has a good texture, but it is still a second-hand product. Please do not use high standards or new products to compare ⚜️About 1950~60s ⚜️Hair lines on the polished metal surface are normal, the overall condition is good, and the metal does not fade. ⚜️Jade or stone, gilded ⚜️Shields (Shield) The unit price of this brand is not low in foreign markets ⚜️about 1.6cm thick about 0.5cm 👀 Please note that the accessories are measured with a tape measure. Some slight errors are normal. Because the accessories will not be in the square, the page provides the longest and widest. 🖤This auction is a pair of cufflinks without other photo items **Please note before buying:** 💚 If you have any questions before buying, please send us a message first 💚 1940~1980's jewelry metal is almost impossible without fading. or discoloration. or rust spots. Please have this consensus on small defects 💚I will try my best to clearly present the product with photos on the page, please also check the picture description carefully 💚 Antique jewelry is originally a product with a period of time, and there will definitely be signs of use after the baptism of years 💚 The jewelry in the store will not change the style, such as clip-on earrings to pin style... etc. 💚 Friends who have never seen "Vintage Jewelry" vintage jewelry, please think twice before buying 💚 If the items sent in the past are damaged so that they cannot be worn, you can request a refund. However, if you return the item for reasons different from your imagination, such as size, color difference, etc., and other related issues such as damage due to the shipping process, you cannot refund . 🎀Accessories will come with a small paper box _____________________________________ **Brand introduction videos can refer to:**


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