Flower pineapple sequins group, orange can be magic party | ZOOㄖㄨˋChildren's disposable nail polish

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Little girl’s dream childhood|ZOO children's nail polish|Water-based•Non-toxic•No damage to nails Health and safety can be stripped of finger color / specially designed for children / ZOO Party Game Group/ The game time of the little princess, once satisfied! There are three cute styles, which one do you like?


Flower pineapple sequins group, orange can be magic party | ZOOㄖㄨˋChildren's disposable nail polish


https://shoplineimg.com/5e44a395fabcc9001ee38fc9/external-650231c800a442e0d50ccda67ade2057/original?image_url=https%3A%2F%2Fimg.shoplineapp.com%2Fmedia%2Fimage_clips%2F5e529d16863fe1001ed72d22%2Foriginal.jpg%3F1582472468 The little animals in the zoo are going to have a PARTY! New friends monkeys, giraffes, and pineapples as souvenirs, volunteered to decorate them! Cute little princesses, hurry up and join! There are three cute styles, which one do you like? **/ ZOO Party Game Group/** The game time of the little princess, once satisfied! 4 different ways to play! . A set of three. The small nails are simply decorated and sprinkled with styling sequins to make you happy! . Comes with a small sticker. Dress up together! Cute stickers can be put on small nails, pencil cases, notebooks or favorite toys! . Attach the color card. Doodle after playing nails! Animal coloring cards, training color matching and patience, can also record the coloring date, leaving a precious memorial! . English vocabulary learning card. The well-designed coloring card is also an English vocabulary learning card. Learn while playing! There are three kinds of random shipments, waiting for you to collect! ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ **Magic party {Flower Pineapple} Game Group** [content] Three-piece set of nail polish + fluorescent sequins 1. A bottle of nail oil: ZOO 51 Green Pineapple Oil (Capacity: 5.5ml) 2. Two boxes of fluorescent shaped small sequins: fluorescent yellow stars, purple and pink hearts (capacity: 0.7g) 3. A transparent sticker: pink and blue paper flower pattern (size: 8.5x8.5cm) 4. An animal coloring card (English vocabulary learning card on the back): There are 3 kinds of random gifts [usage] 1. Brush the bristles with nail polish: Open the transparent nail polish and shave the bristles dry with the bottle mouth as much as possible. Use only the remaining nail polish on the bristles to stick the sequins and place them on the nails. When they are slightly dry, the sequins will not move. Apply a layer of armor oil to seal it for protection. 2. Use a ballpoint pen or toothpick to dip a little nail polish to make it sticky. Take the sequins and place them on the nails. When the sequins will not move when they are slightly dry, apply a layer of nail polish to seal and protect. https://shoplineimg.com/5e44a395fabcc9001ee38fc9/external-053968240e5956bf01facdb4398dd093/original?image_url=https%3A%2F%2Fimg.shoplineapp.com%2Fmedia%2Fimage_clips%2F5e538e5b0de9e4001e419f4e%2Foriginal.jpg%3F1582534234 https://shoplineimg.com/5e44a395fabcc9001ee38fc9/external-150ccd798309bdb658214fc35f7ffd41/original?image_url=https%3A%2F%2Fimg.shoplineapp.com%2Fmedia%2Fimage_clips%2F5e538e1b905dd2001ebe0547%2Foriginal.jpg%3F1582534170 https://shoplineimg.com/5e44a395fabcc9001ee38fc9/external-1898abfa8c62990c8ac3b601a708fbf8/original?image_url=https%3A%2F%2Fimg.shoplineapp.com%2Fmedia%2Fimage_clips%2F5e539eaa8a96ec00306dda36%2Foriginal.jpg%3F1582538409 **[Animal Coloring Card]** https://shoplineimg.com/5e44a395fabcc9001ee38fc9/external-797b79ae76fec98a626c7c93c0ad8a36/original?image_url=https%3A%2F%2Fimg.shoplineapp.com%2Fmedia%2Fimage_clips%2F5e539e045c25da002b623edc%2Foriginal.jpg%3F1582538243 https://shoplineimg.com/5e44a395fabcc9001ee38fc9/external-95af2fcc635bb4eee6f1c54566354f43/original?image_url=https%3A%2F%2Fimg.shoplineapp.com%2Fmedia%2Fimage_clips%2F5e53968e80476b00204c6fb8%2Foriginal.jpg%3F1582536333 **[Transparent sticker]** https://f.ecimg.tw/items/DDBR3OA900AJ5RD/i010020_1583215134.jpg ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ https://d.ecimg.tw/items/DDBR3OA900AJ47Y/i010020_1583207371.jpg https://b.ecimg.tw/items/DDBR3OA900AJ47Y/i010021_1583207371.jpg https://e.ecimg.tw/items/DDBR3OA900AJ47Y/i010023_1583207371.jpg https://c.ecimg.tw/items/DDBR3OA900AJ47Y/i010024_1583207371.jpg ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ Brand introduction*★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ Brand introduction*★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ Brand introduction* ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ **ZOO ㄖㄨ Disposable nail polish** Water-based • Non-toxic • Does not hurt armour Health and safety can be stripped of finger color / specially designed for children Made in Taiwan **#Asia's largest designer children's nail polish brand** **/ ZOO nail polish for children / 5 thoughtful designs!** ✔️ Natural skin-friendly. The fragrant ZOO nail polish does not contain chemical substances. It is based on pure water, plus resin and natural mineral color paste, so you can enjoy your parent-child time at ease! ✔️ Easily tear off. No need to go to Guangshui! After the nail polish is dry, you can tear off the whole piece! Like disposable glasses, clean and convenient! ✔️ Small bottle body. Small hands are better! With elastic bristles, less brush marks and more uniform color! ✔️ Color enlightenment. Multi-color matching is more creative, and different gameplay is more interesting! ✔️ Zoo theme. Play finger coloring with cute animals and leave precious childhood memories! https://b.ecimg.tw/items/DDBR3OA900AHAC6/i010014_1579692641.jpg https://e.ecimg.tw/items/DDBR3OA900AHAC6/i010015_1579692641.jpg https://d.ecimg.tw/items/DDBR3OA900AEFNW/i010004_1581999817.jpg **/ Tips for coloring small nails 4 tips/** ♥︎ Shake evenly first. Oil-water separation is a normal phenomenon, just shake it evenly. ♥︎ Leave only one side. Or half the amount, scrape off the oil on the bristle side first with the mouth of the bottle. ♥︎ Start in the middle. Because the bristles are extensible, if the side of the nail is not applied enough, then repair it. ♥︎ Thin layer multiple times. Each layer of thin coating can dry quickly, and the sequined version can be used in two layers. **/ 3 little princess coloring techniques/** ♥︎ A well-dressed little princess. Apply two coats of color and wait three minutes for the nail polish to dry. ♥︎ The little princess in a hurry to the party. A layer of color + a layer of transparent protective oil, fast drying and color protection! ♥︎ I like the little princess in light colors. Apply only one layer. **/ ZOO nail polish removal method / no need to polish** **♥︎ Brand new upgrade and breakthrough again, no need to soak in water, just tear it up!** / Water-based nail polish preservation method/ ♥︎ After opening the water-based nail polish, please use it as soon as possible within 6 months. After opening, the moisture in the ingredients will gradually evaporate, and will gradually become thicker, resulting in uneven rubbing, which is normal. ♥︎ After each use, if there is nail polish accumulation on the bottle mouth, wipe it off with a "damp cloth" to avoid the tightness of the lid and the bottle, which may cause the nail polish to dry out. ♥︎ If it becomes thick, add "a little water" to make the nail polish dry. Don't add too much to make it too thin to develop color and not easy to dry. ♥︎ Little secret: It is recommended to place all kinds of nail polishes "upright". If you lie on your side, oil and water separation is likely to occur.


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