Surging Group │ Mazuxing × Blue Handmade Soap Limited Joint Gift Box

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It is the attitude and attitude that determines the height of a person, and the temperature and humidity that determine the quality of the noodles. Similarly, the handmade soap also! Mazuxing and Qingshou soap, two brands that attach importance to temperature, humidity, and attitude to work together, let you have face, but also lilies. Oral and external use,


150g x 6



Surging Group │ Mazuxing × Blue Handmade Soap Limited Joint Gift Box


◆ Gift box size: length 32cm, width 22cm, height 12cm ◆ Contents: Mazu Lin | Tian Hou Hemp Noodle 150g ± 5% x 2 Into ◆ Ingredients: ※ Pasta composition: flour, water, salt. ※ Sesame sauce package ingredients: white sesame, soybean oil, black sesame. ※ Kumbu sauce package ingredients: water, sucrose, soy amino acid solution, miso (glutinous rice, rice noodles, high fructose syrup, water, brewing vinegar, salt), flavoring agent (sodium L-glutamate, aminoacetic acid, succinic acid Disodium, disodium 5'-hypoxanthine nucleoside phosphate, disodium 5'-guanosine nucleoside phosphate, table salt, kelp flavor (salt, sodium L-glutenate, corn starch, kelp, lactose, 5'- Hypoxanthine nucleoside phosphate disodium, 5'-guanine nucleoside phosphate disodium), table salt, yeast extract, sodium metaphosphate, flavor. Dijunguan | Tonic sesame oil noodles 120g ± 5% x 2 into ◆ Ingredients: ※ Pasta composition: flour, water, salt. ※ Soy sauce ingredients: water, canola oil, ginger, mixed sesame oil (black sesame, soybean oil, white sesame), rice wine, sucrose, pure brewed soy sauce, flavoring agent (sodium L-glutamate, aminoacetic acid, disodium succinate) , 5'-hypoxanthine nucleoside phosphate disodium, 5'-uranine nucleoside phosphate disodium, table salt), table salt, yeast extract, acetylated adipic acid distarch, caramel pigment (type 1) , Corn gum, spices. Nezhe Li | Spicy Instant Noodles 115g ± 5% x 2 ◆ Ingredients: ※ Pasta composition: flour, water, salt ※ Sauce package ingredients: water, canola oil, watercress (Penglai rice, non-genetically modified soybeans, refined salt, alcohol, high fructose syrup, paprika, caramel color), peppercorn seasoning oil (pepper pepper spices, canola oil), L-sodium gluten, sucrose, common salt, spices (medium chain triglycerides, spices), ginger, star anise, pepper, red pepper pigment (canola oil, red pepper pigment), peppercorn, caramel pigment (type 1) , Pepper extract (pepper, fatty acid glyceride, soybean oil), vitamin E (antioxidant) Yellow gold two | Golden Ingot Scented Diffuser 70g ± 10g x 1 into ◆ Uses: The fragrance and the space decoration are perfect. Put one on the desk, let your money flow, the fragrance confuses all beings, and good luck comes. ◆ Origin: Taiwan ◆ Ingredients: gypsum, pure water, natural essential oil, fragrance ◆ How to use: Drop the favorite essential oil or essence on the surface of the gold ingot, and breathe through the fine pores of the diffuser, let the aroma diffuse in the air, which can be reused, environmentally friendly, practical and beautiful. ◆ Note: The use of essential oils may leave traces of use, which is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended to drop it on the "bottom" of the gold ingot. The volatility effect of essential oils is related to the current environment, and the environment is humid, dry, open spaces and confined spaces. Special stone products, please handle lightly to avoid collision Lucky treasure | bronze coin essential oil hand soap 90g ± 10g x 2 into ◆ Uses: wash your hands, clean your skin, remove filth, and welcome blessings. ◆ Origin: Taiwan ◆ Shelf life: 18 ~ 24 months ◆ Effective date: marked on the package ◆ Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, pure water, sodium hydroxide, sweet orange essential oil, fragrance ◆ How to use: Rub it with water and rub the foam with your hands, and use it in the normal cleaning method to avoid the water on the bottom of the handmade soap to avoid softening. ◆ Origin: Taiwan ◆ Shelf life: 12 months (unopened) ◆ Effective date: marked on the package ◆ Storage method: please store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, please consume as soon as possible after opening 请勿 If there is leakage or breakage of the sauce bag, please do not eat it, and please return it for exchange ✽ ✽Gold ingots and bronze coin handmade soaps are handmade by the master, each one is unique, and it is normal for the shapes to be slightly different.


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