0.15 Carat Natural Ruby 18K Retro Ring Eternal Line Ring Wedding Ring Diamond Ring Customized Jewelry

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Main stone: 0.15 carat natural ruby│Material: Rose gold 18K gold│ Ring circumference: customized according to hand circumference


0.15 Carat Natural Ruby 18K Retro Ring Eternal Line Ring Wedding Ring Diamond Ring Customized Jewelry


**【Commodity Information】** ■ Product Name: Natural Ruby 18K Simple Eternal Line Ring ■ Main stone: natural ruby Weight │ about 0.159 carats Quantity│26pcs Cutting│round Level│AAA ■ Matching: Material │ rose gold 18K gold Ring Wai│Customized by Hand Wai 【Introduction to gems】 Ruby, evolved from the Latin "Ruber", the original meaning is red. In Sanskrit, ruby has the meaning of "king of gems", and it is not difficult to see the noble status of ruby. Corundum is colorless when it is completely free of impurities. When it contains trace elements of chromium, iron or nickel, it will show various colors such as red, blue, yellow and green. Among them, only red is independently defined as Ruby All colors are called sapphires! **【Packaging and gifts】** ■ The ring can be modified once for free. ■ Packed with high-grade flannel jewelry box, the precious atmosphere is suitable for gift giving and rewarding yourself. ■ In order to facilitate storage when you go out, a high-sealing clip chain bag and flannel bundle pocket are attached. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49089950377_7fd7950fac_c_d.jpg "Jewellery in the picture is only for indication, not for this product" **【Ordering matters needing attention】** ■ This product is a custom-made product, and it is made after confirming the order. If you have any questions, please be sure to send a private message first. ■ Delivery time: It takes 7-15 working days to produce. The speed will be affected by the order quantity. After placing the order, the designer will actively contact you to inform you of the exact time and date. **【Maintenance tips】** ■ Always take off when soaking in hot springs. ■ When not wearing, put in the enclosed high-sealing chain bag to isolate the air. ■ Use clean water when cleaning, then wipe gently with a dry cloth. ■ Avoid high temperature or violent impact. **【Guarantee and Warranty】** ■ Ensure that the main stones are all natural stones, otherwise the full refund will be made. ■ Free lifetime warranty for metal surface re-plating. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / Manual **[Jewelry]** Show the exquisite craftsmanship and taste style of jewelry in tiny square inches. Natural gemstones of high quality are used, and each gemstone is selected by hand. The criteria include color, gloss, brightness, transparency and clarity. The metal material only uses 18k gold, 14k gold or 925 silver, and all use precious metal plating. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/40945574953_737c65ed85_z_d.jpg **【Gemstones and Diamonds Carefully Selected】** It is strictly checked by appraisers who have obtained a diploma in gemology from the Gemological Institute of the United Kingdom, providing diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other gemstones from 30 points to 10 carats. Share experience and gem knowledge, answer your doubts and give professional advice. **【Customization Service】** Customize jewelry, engagement rings and wedding rings for daily wear. Considering the style design of millimeters, the overall beauty of lines and layers is stacked. And handed over to the staff with decades of production experience to create, to give the finished product a perfect wearing effect. Thank you for visiting my store, welcome to ask any questions by private message, I will be happy to answer you. **【Brand Concept】** "To wear jewelry is to wear confidence and elegance, which makes you beautiful, deep down to your soul" Wear self-confidence and interpret the definition of beauty Soul means that jewelry is not just superficial decoration. When wearing jewelry, it extends from the appearance of wearing jewelry to the inner affirmation of yourself. The confidence shown by becoming more like yourself is the best interpretation of beauty. Deduction.


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