Tsubasa.Y Ancient House Ancient British Khaki Shorts, Military Shorts Vintage High Waist

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●Commodity Description: Ancient British khaki shorts


Tsubasa.Y Ancient House Ancient British Khaki Shorts, Military Shorts Vintage High Waist


*In stock of military pants, the goods are not the same, the length of the pants and the inner military stamps are different, then random shipments, if you can not accept different military stamps and pants length, please do not subscript!! *Inventory goods flow quickly. It is recommended to ask if there is any size before bidding. Thank you. ● Model height and weight (cm / kg): 160 / 45 ●With a single product: brand used Tee / Polo long-sleeved shirt / steel head Martin shoes (stores are sold for welcome) After the product is purchased, you can adjust the button position according to your waist width. The button on the product page of Figure 7 can be sewn to the left side of Figure 8. The quilting is as follows: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/33855223338_6a06674d7c.jpg Summer indispensable shorts, want to match but don't want to be too monotonous, British khaki shorts will be a good choice, special and retro version, can be officially naughty to no, wide pants let you Easy and comfortable throughout the summer, what kind of length you like to make your own decisions, the thick retro-style British khaki shorts, like the old, how can you miss it. The products are all taken in real products, because the computer screens are slightly faint. The post-production repair screen has been adjusted to international standards, welcome to ask questions before purchase We will reply you in detail. Please compare the size of your clothes before purchase, do not accept the size after the sale, or not as expected. The goods in the store are all old products of ten years (above), or new products of ten years (above) After years of use or storage, occasional traces of the years, unacceptables do not buy It will be carefully preserved before shipment, and will be basically cleaned and ironed when shipped. Perfectionist please do not subscript thank you


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