Romantic afternoon tea - white feather hairpin

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Material: small artificial pearls / natural feathers / metal (silver) The total length of hairpin from the end about 10.


Romantic afternoon tea - white feather hairpin


The first series of hair ornaments released from the brand designers in the United Kingdom during their studies in the antique market treasure obtained jewelry, feathers bring the designer's inspiration is retro, think of the medieval aristocracy daily life aesthetics and fairy tales In the beautiful. Based on this as a design basis, combined with the designer's fashion design background, tell that in the foreign country that life imprinted in the bottom of my heart, hoping to become timeless. This also allows the public to understand the addition to clothing, jewelry, finishing touch and reflect the personal taste of small objects, whether it is daily wear or important occasions such as festivals, how to use jewelry to show unique personal style, from Atelier Lewellyn jewelry series Tell you! ! Are there any special memories about time that you want to stay forever or for ever? Open the time of the memory box - Romantic Tea Sweet Tea time How can you not taste the chance to taste some authentic English afternoon tea in Britain? Afternoon tea, but girls' favorite! ! In addition to the delicate and delicious three-tier afternoon tea and tea, how can the tableware with the horse? Goubian vines with elegant colored glaze and hand-painted rose pattern flower cup and cake plate, reminding the past aristocratic ladies in their own balcony or lake, gathered elegantly enjoy the romantic afternoon tea time. Product Information: Material: small artificial pearls / natural feathers / metal (silver) The total length of hairpin from the end about 10.5 cm / width of about 8.5 cm (positive and negative values of about 0.5-1 cm) Buy jewelry Note: 1. In stock when the spot can be shipped in time, please contact the designer before placing an order. 2. Do not accept urgent order requirements, custom models are made by the designer a small amount of hand-made, if you can not wait do not order, or shop in person at the studio physical store to buy. 3. Because of light differences, more or less with the real product showing a little color, the photos are adjusted closer to the real color, if you can worry about the color difference can visit the studio physical store to buy at the scene. 4. Jewelry All feathers and hair balls are made by proper and legal channels. Aftermarket: 1. Based on the principle of health, all the accessories (earrings pin cap needle ornaments), will not provide return service. All customized size products, will not provide return service. 2. Handmade feather jewelry are all natural feathers, the shape of each feather growth, the size can not be compared with the machine and other synthetic materials, but also more or less does not affect the wearing of small flaws, in the production will try to screen quality Complete feathers. Hand made the same style of jewelry will be a little shape, angle and size differences, such as the special care of customers do not buy. 3. Taiwan's humid climate, metal parts of the surface due to the oxidation of black or rust is a normal phenomenon, we will do before the sale check, such as special care of customers do not buy, or visit the studio physical store selection. About metal jewelry / parts of the routine maintenance and storage methods can refer to: 4. Feather jewelry is not recommended when worn on weekdays in the zipper bag, to avoid metal parts exposed to air oxidation or rust, and separate storage in the box to avoid extrusion deformation. If you can not accept the above, do not order. Jewelry repair: Accessories repair are subject to maintenance costs, please provide photos to estimate maintenance costs, if the damage is too high or no material, are unable to provide maintenance. Return shipping needs to be absorbed, or visit the studio. * The above website content link source is


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