Anti - mite waterproof breathable cotton bedding pillowcase <dinosaur world> cleaning pad

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Anti - mite waterproof breathable cotton bedding pillowcase &lt;dinosaur world&gt; cleaning pad


"Commodity content" Pillowcase x2 <Size> Pillowcase: 75x50 cm, hidden without sharp corrugated zipper <Material> Positive: 100% cotton twill, density 200 weave Back: high-tech breathable waterproof film With the children came to 3-4 years old, parents began to bite for the baby diapers, in addition to the necessary learning pants, the other will be prepared with a waterproof function of the cleaning pad to ensure that children will not get wet bed mattress ~ However, once the bedwetting to be replaced, you have to wash two bed bag, not only disassembly effort, but also take up the balcony drying clothes space. BOREII's father with its experience, to design this anti-mite, waterproof, breathable, with a clean pad function can sleep directly in the above child care bed bag. This bed bag fabric, with a density of 200 woven 100% cotton twill cloth, and many department store bedding the same specifications, soft and comfortable and absorbent sweat; due to the professional knowledge of textile materials, waterproof layer specially selected mountaineering jacket used High-tech waterproof breathable film, not only urine, spit milk, fruit juice and other liquid can not penetrate, but also effectively take away the body's sweat, cotton + breathable film double breathable design, so that adults and children can sleep comfortably a whole night. After the period of diarrhea, bed bag can continue to protect the baby away from dust mite allergens, not only block the dust mite within the mattress, but also to avoid the body to produce dander into the mattress feeding dust mites, to achieve the role of two-way protection , For the subtropical regions of Taiwan and other countries (dust mites optimum growth temperature of 22-26 degrees C, humidity 70-80%), is definitely the baby must have anti-mite bedding. Consider the double work of the hard work of the family, only one for the wash, the printed side out into the washing machine, with neutral detergent can be washed, if you want to kill the dust mites, the water temperature is recommended to set at 60 degrees C ; If the dehydration is not complete, you can first remove the residual water, and then do a dehydration on OK Hello ~ Origin / manufacturing method Made in Taiwan


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