Elegant and simple Czech amphibole necklace with 5 colors of crocheted woven necklaces and small fresh flowers

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The neck chain is mainly simple, and the small flower with a three-dimensional sense is exquisite and compact Czech amphibole Other colors can be customized


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Elegant and simple Czech amphibole necklace with 5 colors of crocheted woven necklaces and small fresh flowers


Simple but Elegant <Elegant and Simple Series> Every flower is a soul blooming in nature The simple and elegant flowers are not graceful and luxurious, but they have a feeling of being in harmony with nature. ・ The neck chain is mainly simple, the small flower with three-dimensional sense is exquisite and small, and the size of the flower is only 7mm ・ Czech amphibole has a diamond-like cut surface, so it has a higher brilliance than ordinary amphibole ・ Chain length is 42cm ・ Other colors can be customized, Czech amphibole materials are limited, while stocks last · This product comes with a small gift box packaging, suitable for gift ♡ Maintenance of accessories ♡ -All crochet ornaments have been slightly shaped and a little anti-fouling treatment, but excessive pulling or wet water may also damage the ornaments. -All crocheted accessories should not be wet, please avoid contact with cosmetics / sweat as much as possible. -If it gets wet a little, use a paper towel to gently dry it, do not pull it. -Hand-made iron wire will be used in the work, if it is pulled too much, it will cause distortion. -Be careful of the sharp position of the jewelry when wearing it to avoid injury. -Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume, which can reduce oxidation and discoloration. ♡ Tips ♡ -This product will be shipped within 2-3 working days after payment. -If you want to send the customized payment within 7 to 10 working days, please be considerate. -If you want to make a small gift on a special day, please contact me. -The product may have some color difference due to computer screen settings, shooting environment, and lighting, but it has been adjusted to the minimum, please buyers understand, accept it before buying. -Each hand-made product is not the same. The products are made by warm hands rather than mass-produced by the machine. Therefore, if there are ↠ small thread ends / slight hand stitching / small skew / small misalignment on the product , Are all normal phenomenon of hand-made goods! To avoid hurting each other ’s feelings and disputes, please do n’t force your purchase if you mind or have a higher standard! Thank you for your understanding, I will also try my best to make the product perfect! ♡ I hope you will like my handiwork, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us! To you who appreciate it, thank you for your love ♡


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