【Customized】- Mobile phone case

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★Please ask for the model first when placing an order! And discuss the composition with the designer! ★Please note when placing an order [text or small image to be written on the background color/pattern/other precautions]



【Customized】- Mobile phone case


Draw the stories of yourself or your friends and family around you as illustrations, and you can remember good memories anytime, anywhere! \ **▼How to customize? What are the rules?****(Super important!!)** → Font: My handwritten font! (Please refer to the words in the design hall!) → Character/character line color: dark gray (font color can be specified, please discuss by private message) →Characters:**Up to 2 people**(If you want to customize more than 2 people, please discuss in private message) →Background color: Please discuss with me by private message! (The actual printed color may have some errors!) →Material: soft shell/hard shell/air pressure shell (**only IPHONE**) →Model:**Please ask for the model by private message first!**Basically all major brands have! \ **▼Soft/hard shell introduction:** →Hard shell: high-quality frame/thin but not heavy/upper and lower without covering/frosted material →Soft shell: Fully covered with good protection / non-slip design, not hand-slip / hole padded, not afraid of lens wear / stiff soft shell edge **(Personal recommendation: soft shell, better protection)** \ **▼Information required to contact the designer:** 1.→ Your photos (no SNOW effects, 2-3 photos are better) 2.→ Phone model (please ask for model first) 3.→ Frame color of the phone case (black/white/transparent, the air compressor case is transparent!) 4.→ Background color (special/fluorescent/gradient colors are not accepted) 5.→ Free "add word" or "small picture", add or not add! (Small picture: love/blink/star...etc) \ **▼About time of order receiving, drawing, and shipping:** →Please discuss the customized content and expected time of receipt with the designer before placing an order. →Send and print uniformly according to the order quantity of the month. (**If you have an urgent order, please place more options for urgent order, it will be drawn and printed first**). →Printed by the manufacturer + delivery time to the designer is about 10 to 14 days. →When you receive the product, you will be notified of the shipping time! Basically, it will be shipped within a week~ **If you want to customize products, it is recommended to discuss and place orders 1 to 2 months in advance** **Customized~Received: Estimated 3 weeks to 1 month, working hours will vary according to the content and type of customization** \ **▼Mobile phone case physical photo:** <The following physical photos are all soft shell> https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1841/29527909987_24cccfaba2_b.jpg https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1871/43556195395_724f447920_b.jpg https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1892/29529761347_115de34650_b.jpg <Left→Right: Frosted Hard Shell→Pneumatic Shell→Soft Shell> https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1866/44417596662_586861a183_b.jpg \ **▼Common Q&A:** Q: Good protection of the soft shell? A: The soft shell is made of a metal back panel (aluminum) with an all-inclusive soft frame, and the sides are designed to prevent slippage. Even if it does slip off, a thicker material is applied to the soft shell, so the protection is sufficient! . Q: Will the phone case fade? A: The phone case will inevitably fade after being used for a long time, but the speed of fading is extremely slow, and it usually fades because The temperature of the mobile phone is too high, and it takes a long time to fade in normal use. . Q: Can I add small patterns or text? Need to add money? A: You can add text and small pictures for free~ Small pictures: love/stars/flicker...etc (Other small pictures can be discussed in private,**if more complicated, charges will be determined**) . Q: Can I view the file and modify it after drawing? A: After the discussion will first draw a draft for you to confirm, after a good draw will give you confirmation e-file, you can modify small a maximum of two times, such as the need to modify the big**charge a 100 yuan**. \ **▼Super important notes:** ※There will still be some errors in the actual color! Those who mind, please think twice~ ※The colors taken by each camera/mobile phone and displayed on the screen are not the same. The physical comparison image is**for reference only**!! Color**depends on the entity**! ※**Customized products are not refundable after they are sold!**


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