Fern wake * handmade sand sand glass rose gold essential oil necklace single product design light jewelry

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** About works ** Main body: handmade glazed Size: 1.4 x 1.4 cm Chain length: 38 inches Accessories: 18K Gold Filled / 18K Gold Filled Under the cover of 18K gold, the surface is additionally covered with a delicate protective film, which makes the K gold texture better, and it is less likely to cause allergies. Others: Essential oil dropper included


Fern wake * handmade sand sand glass rose gold essential oil necklace single product design light jewelry


[Aroma Jewelry by Tera Jewelry] Among many materials, Tera Jewelry chose to use 'hand-made glass' as the main body; The glazed glass is light and light. In addition, because its surface is smooth, it does not excessively absorb essential oils, Multiple colors and patterns can also be presented through different firing techniques; Visually, it is even more unique in the sense of beauty caused by light. Therefore, from the perfume bottle in the Roman Empire to the snuff bottle in the Qing Dynasty, glazed glass can be described as an excellent material to enjoy the elegant style. In addition to the common essential oil chains in the field, Tera Jewelry is more committed to developing different types of fragrance jewelry; Let scent jewellery be more than just body accessories. It was born to contain a healing oil fragrance, Starting from hand-made, I brought the creator's mind and unique atmosphere, Become a "device" with a hand-made temperature, This heart device containing emotion and blessing, It is also super-visual, and it is worth using five senses to taste. Just like choosing fragrance aromatherapy, In choosing essential oil jewellery, be loyal to yourself and explore your present and inner heart. With the preference of essential oils flowing in, It slowly wakes up from the flow of fragrance, Carry your little by little everyday and once and for all, The time that accompanies you through the memories of your life becomes your unique collection. Tera Jewelry scented jewellery, born of healing, exists for you. ** Wearing and Collection ** 1. Please wear it as dry as possible. It is recommended to take it off before bathing and swimming in the hot spring to avoid the rapid discoloration and oxidation of the chain. 2. It is hot and sweaty in summer. It is recommended to wipe and maintain the day after wearing, and store it in a sealed bag to delay the oxidation. 3. Please avoid contact with chemical or volatile solvents such as hair gel, perfume or cosmetics; it is recommended to finish the makeup and hair care before wearing jewelry. 4. Before wearing the essential oil drop, please slowly inject the essential oil with the essential oil dropper; it is recommended to inject it at an appropriate amount. After the essential oil in the original bottle has evaporated, you can replace different essential oils. 5. Please also dry the essential oil spilled from the bottle mouth or outside the bottle at any time, so as not to touch the chain body & precious stones. 6. Hand-made glazing may be cracked due to the influence of extreme temperature. Please avoid contact with high temperature or heat (hair dryer, wear into the oven or steam room ...) to prevent the glazed from loosening from the joint of the necklace. 7.Transparent and clear glass, affected by the color of the essential oil, may show different colors over time. 8. Each piece is a handmade item, the size and color of the colored glass, the distribution of golden sand or silver foil, etc., may be slightly different from the photos, Air bubbles and slight impurities may be generated during the firing process. Please enjoy the uniqueness of handmade. https://upload.cc/i1/2019/03/16/Frp3cO.jpg **Origin / manufacturing methods** Origin: Handmade in Taiwan


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