Baby Bag Smooth Ice Waterproof Crossbody Bag / Side Backpack

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Baby Bag Flowing Ice Bag Water repellent capacity


Baby Bag Smooth Ice Waterproof Crossbody Bag / Side Backpack


【 Baby Bag Small Bag】 // drifting ice // The only dark bag in the small treasure bag Low-key and simple, each piece of floral cloth is different Every small treasure bag has a different landscape~🌊 **The waterproof fabric is matched with midnight blue.** (You can see the color card in the product of the beverage bag) - Inside and below are**water repellent materials** And use**magnetic buckle**way more convenient switch In front of a specially designed zipper**outer pouch** The inner layer is also the same as the water-repellent material! (It is better to clean the dirt that has been used for a long time) ____(This is confirmed by the guest and exaggerated!! Quality Assurance) ___ If the strap is too long, you can tie it into a small knot. (In fact, we highly recommend that this is really super cute!) - - size Width 21 / Height 23 / Bottom Width 5 / Strap 115 (The measurement may have an error of 1-2cm, which is a reasonable range) - Practical sharing**(swearing completely from the heart ~** This is really a month after testing Newly improved products for everyone Here is what we have been feeling for more than a month🤗 - The most amazing thing is It really can hold a lot of things⋯⋯ Last time I put a water bottle/umbrella in. Unprinted notebook is a small case~~ There are younger mothers who say The small treasure bag saved her who is still bringing her baby. **Not only convenient, good-looking, but also stuffed with many things** The point is! ! ! Even if you install a lot, it doesn't affect the appearance! ! ! Still super cute~~~ - Attached to the daily bag - Long clips are also available! ! - It’s really convenient compared to the side backpack. Plus is the relationship of the magnetic buckle The switch is easy, take the wallet super fast! (It’s really convenient to go to the MRT to get the card out (˶ ̅᷄ −̫ ̅᷅˵) There is a zippered outer layer on the front, usually put headphones and lipstick, mobile phone, some will be caught with other things, it is safer to put here~ Then there is the part of the strap, even if the cost of using Finnish fabrics will be much higher, but for the overall beauty, the coils still insist on the use of the same Finnish fabric! If you think it is too long, it is very cute to tie a small knot~~ (I am like this) ! The back is not vegan, but the same color fabric as the front, the overall texture is improved. Said so much, really love this ~ ~ Is ___Functional, durable, cute and textured baggage ___ 【 Other styles】 Drift Ice (Summer Ocean): Sands (elegance and beauty): Whisper (temperament Wenqing): Chengmei (sweet and lovely): **Please read the following before placing your order. If you have any questions, please do not place an order.** **Or ask us first, agree and understand before placing an order** 1. Because the distribution of fabrics under the cut of each small bag will be different, so it will be different from the picture, it is normal! But there are still some colors~ 2. The goods are made after the order is placed. If there is an urgent order, please first ask if the service can be delivered as scheduled. 3. The color and entity of the picture must be somewhat different. The top picture we have tried our best to make it and the entity have no color difference. I hope that we will not blame us~~~ Ok, it’s roughly like this pull~ If you still have problems, feel free to ask us! Thank you for your support and purchase. I hope that you can take a small treasure bag and play around with you.


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