Ink and blue coats-floral stitching can pick colors

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*Flower stitching color can be customized for you to choose color** Design source-Intern "Cui Yingjie". It is full of laughter and care. Most of the fashion design interns are mothers of 5 and 60 years old. Everyone learns popular design together and researches stitching together. We cultivate producers of regenerative design, not only have the ski


Ink and blue coats-floral stitching can pick colors


【One Pattern / Free Patchwork】 Nursing Department Uniform + Second-hand Flower Cloth *color of the fabric stitching can be customized for you to choose**Welcome to leave a message Don't throw away the small rag, it is the last piece of puzzle we designed. Play around with the recycling design of school nurse uniforms and second-hand rags. The source of the fabric is that the designer visited the electric embroidery factory one day, The proprietress asked if a bag of school nursing uniforms had been eliminated. The white uniforms that may be difficult to sell in second-hand shops, combined with the corner flowers donated by the people like snowflakes, the same color stitching has the style of zero waste artist zero waste daniel floating out. Every mother in the studio is very cute, and the shipment is guaranteed to be the same color, but the corner flower cloth is not big, and the jeans are different. It is not guaranteed that each piece will be exactly the same. My mother is also a designer. It is also very personal and guarantees that you can never buy shirts! How to make it beautiful? The mothers are very serious. Every week, they intensively take classes in fashion aesthetics/splicing techniques, practice and practice. Each is a regenerative designer cultivated by the studio. *Profit is used for brand operation, and to give back to the community "Carpenter's Home Care Association" to inject the salaries of vulnerable employees and provide more disadvantaged friends with job opportunities. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- Color: light blue Style: long coat Main material: cotton/polyester Origin: Taiwan laundry guide: Laundry bag washing Soft wash and air dry Do not bleach Do not dry Remarks: *The raw materials come from the washed second-hand clothes, each piece is unique, and the shipping color material is mainly based on the raw materials. *Photos will inevitably have color differences due to shooting light and screen settings, and products are mainly based on physical colors. *The size measurement and actual size will be slightly different. (The normal value is within plus or minus 3 to 5 cm) *After the pre-order is established, 14 production days will be shipped. (Excluding public holidays and national holidays) * Buyers of extreme perfectionism, if they can not accept the small defects and mass production differences of second-hand raw materials, please think twice before placing an order. *Every regenerated design will be washed before shipment, and then shipped, please wear it directly.


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