Lin Miaoru exclusive order _ portrait like painting

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Full-length portrait painting | Customized like painting | Souvenir | This product is electronic file, can be used for personal customized products, such as stickers, cards, coasters, etc.



Lin Miaoru exclusive order _ portrait like painting


♥ Product content: Painted materials: hand-drawn line draft + computer finished Product content: A5-300dpi jpg format electronic file How to place an order: Please place an order according to the number of people drawn EX: Draw 3 people, please select 1~9 people option, fill in 3 Pets can be drawn, and the pricing method is the same as people EX: Draw 1 person + 1 dog + 1 cat, please select 1~9 people option, fill in 3 -1~9 people 380 yuan per person -10 yuan per person for more than 10 people If there are special needs, please discuss the designer will open a special order for you. Need to draw objects such as Vespa cards, buildings, scenes, floral ornaments, etc. Please pass the photo to discuss with the designer and estimate the cost separately. Can add a picture frame A5 - 480 yuan A4 - 580 yuan ♥Order process: "Contact Designer" to transfer photos > Communication Discussion > Ordering > Drawing > Proof > Send ♥ draw content: 1/Draw according to the photos provided, draw the characteristics of the whole body shape, movement, hair, body accessories, with action or commemorative style, draw a richer picture! 2/ Main body, can add background color and simple text, no need to increase the price. 3/ If there are other needs, you can discuss How to pick photos - Please provide the photos you want to draw. The photos need to be clear. There is no cut or cover to the head, face and body. One is the main one. You can provide more references and discussions. -Draw a multi-person photo that can be provided separately, and then spell the same picture for you. ♥ working days 7~14 days (excluding holidays) If there is a designated time for discussion, it will try to cooperate with :) The photo will be provided first, and after the discussion with the designer, a sketch confirmation will be provided, and two modifications will be provided to confirm that the problem will be finished after the coloring is completed. ♥Other considerations + The product is a digital file with no actual finished product. + Non-realistic style, draw an image, please confirm that you like this style in order +Customized products, cannot be cancelled or returned after ordering + The goods are for personal use. For commercial use or for profit purposes (for advertising, merchandising, publication, trademarking, etc.), please communicate separately. + The copyright of the work is owned by the creator and has the right to display the work. If you do not want the product to be published, you can inform the designer in advance.


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