Rose gold suede leather [back / cross-back / portable] sparkling 3way bag - rose gold

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★Super storage function ★Fashion sense ★No toxicity/weight measurement passed



Rose gold suede leather [back / cross-back / portable] sparkling 3way bag - rose gold

商品説明 Corrugated suede with metallic luster, special texture with a delicate texture, whether it is light or easy to match! Whether it is clothes or bags or even our health, for the sake of beauty, it requires a certain amount of basic maintenance. Since everything is, then of course the bag is also! When not in use, use a hygroscopic shredded paper or cotton jersey to keep the shape of the bag, and then put the bag into the dust bag to avoid deformation by improper extrusion. Suede leather must use a soft animal brush to remove dust and dirt on the surface. If the pollution is serious, try to use an eraser to gently push the dirt out of the square to remove the dirt. In fact, the maintenance of suede leather is "used to be cherished"; the usual use of handbags is not to be scratched, not to be rained, not contaminated by water, is the basic flaw of maintenance. If you want to know the "product specifications and sizes", please continue to scroll down. After reading the photos of the beans, you will see the product size chart! 😉 [Material / Design] Taiwan [Sewing / Production] China **[Package maintenance advice]** 😐 No matter which kind of bag, if it is only consumed as consumables and not care, it will be reimbursed soon. Although nothing is permanent, it is not bad; but if you have a long-term use, you should implement the concept of maintenance on weekdays (light-colored bags are like light-colored clothes, and you should pay attention to it when you are afraid of dirt); the service life will last for a long time. Suede leather is made of environmentally-friendly artificial leather. Because some parts of Taiwan have a humid climate, it is recommended to use suede leather to maintain oil/spray, regularly wipe and maintain, and when you are not using it, you can insert a hygienic shredded paper group and cotton shirt. (or place a desiccant) into a dust bag and store it in a dry place to maintain the shape of the bag and avoid deformation caused by extrusion. Suede leather is made in batches, so each batch of goods may have some slight color difference, I hope you know. **[Weekday maintenance treatment]** For the decontamination maintenance of suede leather on weekdays, use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the bag. If the dirt is serious, try to use an eraser to gently push the square to remove the dirt. **[A large amount of dirt accumulated over a period of time]** Suede leather maintenance is "cherish"; usually pay attention to avoid scratches, rain, or stains; it is the most basic concept of maintenance. Enjoy the suede leather material while paying attention to the beauty, but also pay attention to the elegant use, or wait until the situation is dealt with, the effect will not be as good as new. **[Can the bag be washed in a washing machine? 】** A: This bag is a "leather" type. It cannot be washed in a washing machine. **【Please note】** Every computer/mobile screen, parsing, color cast, and visual chromatic aberration are different for everyone, and the bag is still based on the actual color received.


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