Feifei small butterfly self-adhesive embroidered cloth stickers - Forest Series

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Feifei small butterfly self-adhesive embroidered cloth stickers - Forest Series


Forest series is houhou-tricks designers use Spiraea to increase the three-dimensional effect of hot cloth affixed to make the object more lively, soft colors are more suitable for any color on the fabric surface, hot cloth affixed to Japan's popular red, hand-made Family and patchwork bags and creative market favorite people favorite materials, fine quality design excellent, simple five minutes you can easily have a unique style of self !! Feel free to decorate your favorite clothes, pants, hats, school bags, canvas shoes, masks ... and so on, exquisite and vivid embroidery, let you love the objects and have your own life. Can also be used to create a canvas with painted pen and hot cloth affixed to their own clothes decoration! After washing with a washing machine after ironing it does not matter Oh ~ ~ Patchwork welcome classrooms, hand-made up to order a large number of other concessions Oh! Can write a letter to open another store Thank you! ● style and size 1. Little Little Ladybug / 4 x 3.1 cm 2. buzzing bee / 3 x 3 cm 3. Crawling crawl slowly / 2.7 x 4 cm 4. Flying fly butterfly / 3.5 x 3.8 cm 5. Fresh Forest Tree / 5 x 2.8 cm 6. Fantastic mushrooms / 2.6 x 3 cm 7. Rough-rolled pinecone / 3 x 2.4 cm Petal yellow flower / 4 x 1.9 cm ● scope of application Do card / patchwork or clothes decoration Cloth products, non-cloth items can be used directly. ● affixed to the fabric more robust steps: Step1: Preheat the iron to the applicable temperature (about 100-130 degrees) Step2: after the gum, light your patch posted in your favorite position. Step3: patch cloth embroidered cloth covered. Step4: Back and forth ironing on the mat, about 30-60 seconds. Step5: Confirm the embroidery is solid. This is done! Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan


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