Handmade sterling silver 999 bracelet

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Customization is unique to the individual's bracelet, retaining the treasured and memorable moments.


Handmade sterling silver 999 bracelet


Please tell us the thickness and width of your wrist to choose the right bracelet for your wrist size. Regarding the size of the bracelet, please ask the person who wants to wear this bracelet to provide the length of the wrist to help you pick the bracelet that fits your size. Hand ring measurement method: Please surround the wrist you want to wear with a piece of paper to confirm how long the paper needs to cover your wrist; measure the length of the cm, which is the circumference of the bracelet you need. ----------------------- brand introduction: Free bird without fear It is a migratory bird that only winters Countless days and nights Flying over the mountains and Wang Yang to find an unknown situation Just to explore the deep mystery of the craft. Free Bird Metalworking is an independent studio. Good and long with a variety of metal media based on the creation of logs. Adhere to small-scale operations on the road of process design. Because it is small, it is not bound by the market, ideas and vision. Let the Free Bird Metalworking have greater power to innovate and change. --------------------- Introduction of silver: Silver is a precious metal that is loved by many people. Compared with the color of gold, it is like a hot sun. The color of silver is as soft and soft as a bright moon. While silver contains silver ions, silver ions have a strong bactericidal function and are also beneficial to the human body. For example, ancient soldiers put silver coins into their portable water bottles to ensure that drinking water does not easily deteriorate and produce bacteria. The silverware of this studio is made of traditional goldwork welding, forging, frustration, grinding and polishing. They are all unique crafts. Handmade products can't be smooth and symmetrical like mechanical products, but this is also one of the characteristics of handmade products - full of touch and unique and not easy to be copied (handmade is difficult to make two identical accessories, there must be details Different), this is also a precious and unique place for traditional handmade silverware. Silver maintenance: • Silverware is suitable for long-term wear. If you wear it for a long time, you can protect the silverware with silver by body oil. • If the silverware is not worn for a long time, it is recommended to put it in a sealed bag to prevent it from oxidizing the silver. • Please avoid silverware from contact with sulfur, hot springs and sea water. The chemicals inside may oxidize the silver. If it is oxidized, use the maintenance kit attached to this studio to clean and restore the gloss. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan / Free Bird Metalworking - Creator Xu Guozhen handmade


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