Customizable Alex leather grain camera strap (thick)

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The ALEX series camera straps have a simple design and are suitable for cameras of different sizes, such as single-lens reflex cameras, mirrorless cameras or lomo cameras, etc., whether it is a girl who likes photography or a stylish boy, it can match any shape.



Customizable Alex leather grain camera strap (thick)


The ALEX series camera straps have a simple design and are suitable for cameras of different sizes, such as single-lens reflex cameras, mirrorless cameras or lomo cameras, etc., whether it is a girl who likes photography or a stylish boy, it can match any shape. It can be customized to make unique products and become the best gifts for yourself or important people. ◤◤Product details◢◢ ◢ The camera strap is designed with two rivets, and the hand is finely crafted, which is tough and durable. ◢ The back material of the camera strap is made of microfiber, which is soft and durable, and can be gently matched to the curvature of your neck or shoulders, and will not be tired all day long ◢ The metal buckle is especially used, which makes it more sturdy and practical. Choose the original Kingsley movable type antique imprinting machine made in California, USA in the 1970s, and there are unique and exclusive fonts on the market to choose from. You can press your own name or letter to make a unique product, and become a gift for yourself Or the best gift for an important person. If you choose to purchase a customized hot stamping name, please select "custom hot stamping" in the product specifications when placing an order At the same time, please tell the designer on the "Remarks" column when placing an order: 1. Favorite font (please fill in the font number according to the table below) 2. I want to bronz and emboss the letters (for the time being, only English fonts are provided, and there is no Chinese bronzing service) Example of Guest Note: Font 3, LH Please note that the bronzing embossing can only be printed in the following sample positions (the other end is the brand LOGO) Please refer to the following picture to select the font: Length: 134 cm (adjustable) Width: 4 cm Material: artificial leather, microfiber Weight: 55g Denim No. 1: Denim No. 2: Denim No. 3: Denim No. 4: Monochrome No. 1: Monochrome No. 2: Monochrome No. 3: Monochrome No. 4 model: Monochrome No. 5: Plaid No. 1: Plaid No. 2: Plaid No. 3: Checkered No. 4: Plaid No. 5: Plaid No. 6: Checkered No. 7: Plaid No. 8: Plaid No. 9: Plaid No. 10: Plaid No. 11: Plaid No. 12: Installation teaching: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Delivery arrangement: Hong Kong buyers: It will be sent by SF Express and will usually be delivered within 1-2 working days after it is sent; Hong Kong SF Station List Taiwan buyers: It will always be sent by SF Express. Generally, it will be delivered within 1-2 working days after sending. In some areas, the delivery time will need to add 0.5-1 working days. You can check the SF Express website for details. At present, due to the epidemic situation, flights are sometimes affected and Taiwan Customs has strengthened random inspections, and the delivery time has been extended from time to time. Please forgive me, thank you Please note to Taiwan customers: According to the announcement of the Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan, from January 16, 2020, all personal shipments imported to Taiwan will be certified by real name, otherwise they will not be able to clear the import in Taiwan. Please provide: 1. True Chinese name (the name of the consignee and the ID number of the declared consignee must match) 2. A valid phone number in Taiwan 3. Personal real ID card number Macau buyers: Will be sent by SF Express, generally within 1-2 working days after sending Other overseas buyers: Will be sent by registered mail in Hongkong Post . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ideer was established in 2010 and is committed to designing the best quality fashionable camera bags, laptop bags and digital accessories and other multifunctional bags. We integrate visual aesthetics into our products, hoping to bring digital accessories and multifunctional bags to a new stage, making them a part of personal clothing matching, and providing digital product lovers with practical and fashionable digital peripheral products. We refuse to stick to the rules and strive to create personalized details. Through artistic embellishment, we hope that every design can express our enthusiasm and thoughts. In addition to design, our products also emphasize quality. From product design, material selection, production process, quality inspection, packaging, etc., every stage is meticulous. ideer's products combine function and fashion, provide professional protection while keeping up with the trend, to ensure that the products meet the needs of every user. Since its launch on the market, ideer has become very popular, and has been sold to Japan, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom through its distribution network.


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