Backpack full leather schoolbag classic backpack travel bag Valentine's Day gift abroad

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Backpack made of full cowhide / handmade shoulder bag with buckle / travel bag with square cover / soft cowhide bag


Backpack full leather schoolbag classic backpack travel bag Valentine's Day gift abroad

商品説明 **[ feature of product]** ● Because it is classic, it shines, but the back and hand show your elegant charm ● The carefully selected natural cowhide is made into a full cowhide backpack. With a unique and simple design, the backpack is made by a manual sewing machine, which has the warm touch of cowhide leather. ● Quick hardware hook, easy to flip open and close quickly ● The front double-buckle magnetic buckle opens and closes a small pocket, suitable for work and travel to meet your needs every time you go out ● The back side is designed with a quick access zipper opening and closing, hand-sewn by YKK, high durability ● Large storage space to meet your small travel needs ● The inner nylon cloth increases the usability of the inner bag of the rear backpack and enhances the overall texture of the rear backpack ● Inside with an independent zipper storage bag + 1 open compartment ● The back strap can be adjusted with shoulder strap, which is more ergonomic in use **[ Product Size]** ● Overall backpack size: 27cm × 35cm × 13cm ± 10% ● Rear side zipper: 17cm ● Hand strap length: 23cm ● Back strap length: 68-85 cm ● Zipper quality: YKK zipper ● Inner: nylon cloth ★ (For the above sizes, please pay attention to the hand-made and measurement errors) **[Usage and maintenance methods]** ● Frequently taking it out is the best maintenance method! Vegetable tanned leather is rich in oil, and the leather will gradually become shiny and luster during use. ● Leather products should be protected from moisture and water during use. If you accidentally get water, use a dry cotton cloth to dry it, and then place it in a cool place to dry it. Do not expose it to sunlight. ● If the leather is moldy, wipe it clean with a dry cotton cloth, place it in a ventilated place, and then wipe it with leather maintenance oil. ● If you need to purchase Japanese COLUMBUS MINK OIL leather maintenance mink oil, you can move to **[Additional discount]** 45 yuan plus purchase of goods (original price 99 yuan)-headphone cord storage leather hub reel (first shipment according to spot) 85 yuan plus purchase of goods (original price of 199 yuan)-leather style hub 3C coiled earphone storage (priority shipment according to spot) 95 yuan plus purchase of goods (original price of 159 yuan)-Italy plant leather key ring can be customized embossed (priority based on spot shipment) 115 yuan plus purchase of goods (original price 199 yuan)-Italian leather key ring leather letter jewelry (optional) 210 yuan plus purchase of goods (original price 350 yuan)-Japan COLUMBUS MINK OIL leather maintenance mink oil (45g) 225 yuan plus purchase of goods (original price 499 yuan)-leather luggage tag hang card travel identification card **[Introduction to Designers and Brands]** "Be Two Leather Workshop" is located in Taichung-Audit Village, carefully selected natural leather hand as the original idea, with original design handmade bag, to create a temperature-sensitive cultural and creative product, by sewing one stitch by one hand, hoping to convey a The feeling of warmth, happiness and belonging touches users. **[ Precautions]** ● The leather itself will form some scars / wrinkles / stains / texture differences due to injury or fighting during the growth of animals. It is a normal natural phenomenon. The work is also a unique natural mark. Please accept the subscript. ● There is no post-production of the product photos, but the screen may be different. If you do n’t mind, please order again. ● Customized products cannot be returned or exchanged. ● It is normal for each batch of leather to have a slight color difference. ● Due to pure hand sewing, there will be residual glue at the end, so please order if you do n’t mind. **[Origin / manufacturing methods]** Taiwan / Exquisite lathe production / Be Two exclusive design


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